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Bombora’s ‘partner-first approach’ propels record revenue growth in Q2 amidst a global pandemic

October 13, 2020

Prioritizing the development of a robust partner ecosystem and taking an ‘everybody wins’ approach, has been a core lever for Bombora since its inception. It's this approach that has seen the business ride the wave of a pandemic and meet the Q2 shore with record revenue growth.

On September 21, 2020, Bombora announced its highest-grossing quarter in its history in Q2. An indicator that its Company Surge® Intent data is even more important in these uncertain times, the business also nearly doubled its customer base from Q1.

“Too many businesses approach growth with a ‘winner-takes-all attitude’, and that ultimately restricts the value they can deliver to customers and their own growth opportunities,” said Erik Matlick, Founder and CEO of Bombora. “The B2B sales and marketing industry is evolving quickly, and we’re eager to partner with like-minded businesses in order to grow not only our slice but the entire pie itself.”

Building an ecosystem for easy Intent data access and activation

2020 has marked a year of growth for Bombora with new partner additions, enhanced product features and team expansion.

In particular, Bombora built new strategic partnerships with HubSpot, RollWorks, Outreach, Engagio/Demandbase, G2, 6Sense, SalesIntel, Enlyft, Integrate, and StackAdapt, on top of existing integrations with Salesforce, Marketo, LinkedIn, Terminus, Triblio, and Everstring.

This brings Bombora’s total number of integrations to more than 80 - enabling marketing and sales teams to have access to Intent-data-led insights to drive greater ROI on their go-to-market tactics.

For example, Bombora’s native integration with Marketo enables marketing and sales teams to:

  • Use Company Surge® data to further prioritize existing Smart lists and target account lists based on intent.
  • Strengthen lead scoring models based on intent, route them to the right nurture paths to drive further marketing engagement.
  • Generate greater impact from Account-Based Marketing or lead nurturing strategies with the knowledge of which topics are most interesting to each target account.

Future focus on product development and innovation

Bombora has also launched an addition to its interface to help customers quickly access, control, and authenticate platform integrations directly from their account dashboard, as well as made available a tool to automatically generate topic suggestions.

Building on its focus on product, Jonathon Schuster recently joined the Bombora team as its  VP of Product Management. Jonathan comes to Bombora with a wealth of experience, having most recently headed Growth Product Management for LiveRamp and, prior to that, he held senior roles at DialogTech and Logicube.

Making the  ‘everybody wins’ approach a core pillar of Bombora has helped in driving the growth of its Company Surge® Intent data a standard across many of the industry's leading Martech, Salestech, Adtech and Account Based Marketing (ABM) platforms.