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Know your audience, to grow your audience

See the biggest trending topics for your audience segments, so you know exactly what to publish to keep them coming back for more.

Define and deliver valuable audiences to business advertisers

When publishers don’t know much about their site visitors, it can be hard to secure valuable advertising dollars. Savvy publishers use Bombora to understand their business audiences. With data about demographics, firmographics, buyer intent, research trends, and granular audience performance metrics, Bombora helps publishers obtain a larger portion of business internet advertising dollars.

Enrich, package, and monetize your business audience

Know, enrich, and sell on the attributes of your visitor base, including business domains, demographics, firmographics, job functions, seniority, and even the B2B intent topics they are consuming across the B2B web. Use Bombora’s Audience Builder to create premium Account-Based Marketing (ABM) segments and activate them via your adtech stack.

Create high value content

See what your audience is consuming – not just on your site, but also across Bombora’s Data Co-op of over 4,000 participating websites. Use these insights to create more compelling and relevant content and increase your audience size and engagement. 

Visualize and sell with data

B2B advertisers want proof of the audience they are targeting. Show them how you deliver better than your competition using Bombora Intent data. Our data visualization delivers insights on B2B audience segment penetration, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) segments, audience affinity for specific topics and categories, and benchmarks against the rest of the industry.  

"Because we are in the [Data] Cooperative, we can see the content that our audience is viewing in the Bombora network, not just on our site."

Pat Moore Statistician at Bloomberg

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