What does RollWorks do?

RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, is an Account Based Platform that helps B2B organizations align marketing and sales. RollWorks empowers businesses large and small — from those with best-in-class ABM programs to those just beginning their exploration. 

The platform helps teams identify their target accounts and key buyers, reach those accounts across multiple channels, and measure program effectiveness in their system-of-record.

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Leveraging Intent data


How can Intent data be used in RollWorks?

RollWorks Account IntentUsers can select up to 25 Bombora Intent topics that are tracked for increased interest and content consumption. See which accounts are researching topics related to your business across the B2B web, even before they’ve engaged with you directly.

Activate ABM digital advertising Customers can monitor intent on topics of their choosing, build a target account list of those interested in the highest number of topics, and subsegment ad audiences to target and engage with digital advertising.

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What are the benefits of this?

  • Identify target accounts early in their buying journey before they directly engage, and act when research increases on specific topics
  • Prioritize ad spend and use a campaign playbook that focuses ad targeting on accounts with market potential and strong intent signals
  • Effectively engage high intent accounts with customized digital ad experiences based on their research behavior and content consumption patterns
  • Measure the impact of intent-based targeting, comparing high intent accounts to others in pipeline
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How does this apply to you?

Whether you’re a marketer, agency, or publisher, Company Surge® helps you prioritize resources and accelerate revenue.

B2B Sales and Marketing

Align marketing and sales towards a unified approach focused on Intent data.

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Deliver better results for your clients with highly targeted campaigns that focus on businesses demonstrating intent.

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Enrich your ad products with the power of B2B Intent data to deliver more targeted campaigns for your advertising partners.

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With the launch of Account Intent we continue to strengthen the data foundation within the RollWorks Account Based platform. Customers will now be able to integrate fit, engagement, and intent insights into how they prioritize the accounts that matter most.


Justin Cooperman, Vice President of Product


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Bombora intelligently surfaces Company Surge® Intent data directly into the sales workflow to help align sales and marketing teams by prioritizing target accounts.

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Uberflip uses Bombora Intent data to deliver curated content experiences. Intent topics show what users are most interested in, enabling personalized and predictive content recommendations.

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Company Surge® Intent data triggers a ‘high priority’ task in Outreach when an account shows buyer intent, enabling sales reps to take immediate action to engage their top accounts.

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Company Surge® Alerts sends you 10 target accounts that want to hear from you right now. Simply select the topics you’d like to monitor for research activity, and then receive a weekly updated email containing the accounts that are showing buyer intent for those topics right now.

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