The B2B Intent data standard

What is Intent data?

Data that is collected about business web users’ observed behavior -specifically web content consumption- that provides insights into their interests and from this indicate potential intent to take an action.

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Why collect Intent data?

B2B decision makers purchase decisions are influenced by a broad range of content sources. Forrester Research identified 15 sources.

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Content plays a key role in B2B buying

Content consumption insights can help identify purchase intent.

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Large B2B buying committees drive purchase decisions

Combining Intent data with Account Based Marketing (ABM) can help you target and reach everyone involved in the B2B buying process.

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Our data collection methodology

Bombora collects an unprecedented amount of B2B Intent, demographic, and firmographic data at scale.


Gathering data from across the B2B web

Bombora captures intent signals from across the B2B web, spanning across multiple content sources. Our B2B Data Co-op monitors content consumption of over 6,700+ business topics.

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A co-operative approach to data

Businesses that contribute data, join our Data Co-operative. By contributing, they get access to the whole dataset and better understanding of their audience composition.

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Unparalleled B2B scale

The scale of Bombora’s dataset gives you access to deep insights across a range of B2B areas.

Figures for Q1 2020 (average of monthly figures from January to March)

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Capturing business buying globally

Bombora collects intent signals from across the world. More than a third of our data is sourced outside of the United States.

Figures for Q1 2020 (average of monthly figures from January to March)

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We believe in testing Intent data before you buy it, which is why we offer you the chance to build a personalized report in real-time with someone from our sales team. You'll get a full-scale Company Surge® report, customized for your business needs, that you can take back to your team to review and test.

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