Company Surge® for HubSpot

Scale leads in less time, with fewer resources

Knowing which accounts to prioritize, when to market to them and with which messages is consistently the challenge for B2B marketers.

Company Surge® tells you which businesses are actively researching your products and services —and to what extent. Now integrated directly with HubSpot, you can more efficiently focus on the right accounts to scale leads and improve Account Based Marketing effectiveness.

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Intent insights, activated directly in HubSpot

Marketers can quickly and easily activate Intent data in existing marketing automation workflows.


Create data-driven target account lists

Precisely identify the target accounts that are in an active buying cycle for your products or services, and ready for engagement.

Expand your target universe of accounts with Bombora’s exclusive new feature for HubSpot —previously unknown, net new businesses automatically added to your HubSpot instance based on intent for your products or services.

Use Company Surge® data to further prioritize existing account lists or expand them based on intent.

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Accelerate qualified prospects

Never miss an opportunity to engage with a qualified prospect. Strengthen lead or account scoring models based on intent, route them to the right nurture paths to drive further engagement or send them directly to sales for follow up.


Build meaningful prospect conversations

Generate greater impact from lead nurturing strategies with the knowledge of which topics are most interesting to each target account.

Tailor nurture emails, digital advertising, social posts, videos and sales outreach based on their prioritized topics to increase content effectiveness.

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Everybody wins with Bombora

Whether you're a marketer or an agency, Company Surge® for HubSpot helps you better segment your contacts and deliver meaningful messages that make a greater impact.

B2B Marketing

Enhance nurture strategies and transform generic messages into meaningful customer engagements.

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B2B Agencies

Partner with clients to focus email programs and account-based marketing initiatives on businesses showing intent on relevant topics.

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Enhance prospecting and email nurture strategies with more personalized messages.

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Customer testimonial

Company Surge® Intent data allows us to engage with prospects interested in workflow automation software that we wouldn’t have otherwise. It aids the sales team in highlighting which topics to align enablement content with when reaching out to prospects and helps us better segment our database for outbound marketing.


Trevor Killick, Head of Digital Marketing


Get Intent data in HubSpot

Want to supercharge your marketing workflows? Company Surge® Intent data is integrated directly into HubSpot to prioritize your prospect engagement, improve lead and account routing and nurturing.

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