Company Surge® for Marketo

Marketing's killer combo

Your Marketo platform is the hub for all things marketing — from reaching new prospects and qualifying leads to orchestrating Account Based Marketing strategies. The coming together of Company Surge® and Marketo enables intent-driven insights to surface directly in your marketing automation platform, enhancing nurture strategies and uncovering high value accounts actively demonstrating demand for your products or services.

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Tap into the power of intent

Enrich Marketo with Intent data that informs you when your target organizations are indicating active demand for your products or services.


Build meaningful customer conversations

Transform generic offers into engagement that’s meaningful and personal. By enriching your contacts with Company Surge® data, you get a clearer picture of which accounts are interested in what topics so you can create Smart Lists, build nurture flows, and personalize content that resonates with your audience.


Accelerate qualified prospects

Never miss an opportunity to engage with a qualified prospect. Integrate Company Surge® into your lead or account scoring models and prioritize businesses in active research mode for marketing or sales engagement.


Orchestrate Account Based Marketing programs

Selecting the right accounts for Account Based Marketing is key to ABM success. If you use Marketo to orchestrate your Account Based Marketing programs across channels like LinkedIn or Facebook, Company Surge® for Marketo can help you uncover which of your target organizations are demonstrating active demand for your products or services, so you can better hone your ABM initiatives and optimize performance.


Everybody wins with Bombora

Whether you're a marketer or an agency, Company Surge® for Marketo helps you better segment your contacts and deliver personalized messages that make a greater impact.

B2B Marketing

Enhance nurture strategies and transform generic messages into meaningful customer engagements.

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B2B Agencies

Partner with clients to focus email programs and account-based marketing initiatives on businesses showing intent on relevant topics.

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Customer testimonial

We layer Company Surge® data with individual contact lead scores to come up with an overall account score for our target companies. We go after target companies with high account scores across all of our Account Based Marketing channels and have seen the number of engaged contacts increase.


Kari Hodgson

Director of Demand Generation, Couchbase

Get on target with Company Surge® for Marketo

Enrich your marketing automation with Company Surge® data and know when your target accounts are in active demand mode.

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