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Catch Bombora on the road or check out our latest webinar series to learn how to make Intent data work for you.

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Using Intent data to drive great ABM/X outcomes

Third-party Intent data is a hot topic with B2B marketers and for good reason. Applied correctly, it provides a mechanism to identify businesses researching topics relevant to the problems you solve, which means they are likely to be in-market for your products and services – allowing you to target those accounts more accurately as part of your account-based marketing approach.

Join Bombora and Green Hat for a webinar to learn our 3-step approach that turns buyer intent into an actionable ‘always-on’ engagement program.

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End-of-Year Wrap Up: Marketing’s Past, Present and Future

As we wrap up the year, it’s time to celebrate our wins, learn from our losses and prepare to take on 2023.

Let’s join forces for a series of fireside chats from December 20-22, where you’ll hear from Bombora and 12 other B2B leaders as we share top-performing programs, the lessons we’ve learned, and where we’re placing our bets next year.

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Intent data insights – at a time and place that work best for you

ABM Play Generator

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to ABM. Whether you’re just getting started or looking for fresh ideas, this ABM Play Generator takes into account your unique business goals to generate a customized ABM play you can put into action today.

Simply plug in key details about your company and what you’re looking to achieve, then you’ll receive a custom play – specifically built to help you get the impact you need – plus a marketer-to-marketer video walkthrough of your play and 20 bonus ABM campaign ideas!

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Revenue Smasher: An ABM Adventure

Ready to smash your revenue goals? Find accounts in the magical Dream Forest, and engage them using a variety of multi-channel tools and skills that every marketer should have in their toolbelt.

The Bombora power-up will help you win by showing you the accounts ready to engage, so make sure you visit Boe at the Bombora booth right away.

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