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Bombora named a Cool Vendor in SaaS with innovative business models by Gartner

“We believe it’s a true milestone to be recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in SaaS for 2017. Our customers choose Bombora so that they may access the largest source of B2B Intent data for use in their Account-Based Marketing strategies.

“For us, being a ‘Cool Vendor’ serves as a validation of our ‘everybody wins’ approach to the ecosystem and the impact that our dynamic, quality intent data is having across B2B marketing and sales.”

Erik Matlick, Founder and CEO, Bombora

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41% down in cost per action

IBM uses Bombora to power winning LinkedIn campaigns

Using B2B marketing data to drive lead generation, Bombora and LinkedIn helped drive a 41% lower cost-per-registration for IBM Watson Analytics than other ‘business as usual’ tactics.

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Intent data is brainfood for Salesforce's Einstein

With all the buzz about artificial intelligence, one thing that is often overlooked is the need for quality B2B data. Not by Salesforce however. Bombora’s Intent data now fuels Salesforce’s Einstein AI product – via a direct integration available on the App Exchange.

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Our customers

Our business challenge required an innovative approach to targeted, data-driven marketing communication. Working with Bombora Intent data allowed us to talk to the right people.

Ian Leslie-CMO-Industry West

Ian Leslie

CMO, Industry West

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Eyeota adds Bombora Always On Intent Audiences for continuous demand-driven programmatic advertising

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Bombora's continued approach to cooperative B2B data innovation powers it to double revenue and customers

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