“In a very short time, Bombora has become known as the brand to beat in the B2B intent data space.”
Outsell Company Analysis: Bombora, 2020


Get a list of accounts that are ready to hear from you right now.

There are B2B businesses in active research mode for your products and services. But do you know who they are? 

Company Surge® Alerts is a free weekly email containing a list of your target accounts that are currently researching topics relevant to your business.

Use this free Intent data tool to proactively coordinate sales and marketing activities around businesses with active intent. Get started in three simple steps.

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Turn Intent data ‘hmmms’ into sales and marketing ‘booms’!

Over 50% of marketers are using Intent data, but there is still confusion around how it can best be used for B2B sales and marketing success.

The ‘Demystifying Intent data’  ebook answers the frequently asked questions about Intent data and provides tips for driving sales and marketing ROI.

Learn about:

  • • What Intent data is, different sources and how it’s collected
  • • How other marketing and sales teams are using Intent data
  • • How to apply it to your existing workflows for accelerated results

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Get your 'Guide to using B2B Intent data'

Intent data is a hot Martech topic, but there is a lot of confusion about how Intent data can be best used.

Learn how your business can use Intent data with our ‘Guide to using B2B Intent data’. It illustrates ten ways to best use Intent data for sales, marketing and agencies.

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Our customers

We're trying to do a lot less of ‘the random acts of marketing’ and really focusing our dollars on areas where we see a higher return. And Intent data has been a leading indicator for us on how to do that more effectively. And, we're at 300% better click-through rates when we use Intent data.


Ben Howell

VP of Performance Marketing, Salesforce

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Bombora ranks #37 on the Crain’s New York Business Fast 50 list

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Get answers to your Intent data questions

The 'Demystifying Intent data' ebook answers the most common questions about using Intent data insights. Learn about the various types of Intent data, how to activate it in your workflow to drive marketing and sales efficiency, and how other marketers are using it.

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