Businesses are researching you. Find them now.

Company Surge® data identifies which businesses are actively researching
your products and services, signaling when and what they want to hear from you.

“The company’s content consumption model has become the de facto standard in B2B marketing for third-party behavioral data to indicate intent and/or to factor into propensity scoring.”

Forrester Wave: B2B Marketing Data Providers Q3 2018


Unlock Intent insights of your buyer's journey

Today’s buyers control their own journeys. By the time they interact with a sales rep, they’re already in the late stages of the buying process.

Historical Buyer Journey Analysis retrospectively analyzes Intent topic consumption over 18 months. This analysis delivers a deep-dive into the intuitive and non-intuitive Intent topics that are most meaningful to your target customers at different buying stages.

Combined with Company Surge® Analytics, insights from your analysis can be used to power intent based sales and marketing programs.

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OneLogin doubles campaign engagement and drastically shortens sales cycles

David Tam, Director of Marketing for OneLogin shares how it combined the power of Leadspace’s B2B Customer Data Platform and Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent data to:

  • Generate a 60% increase in email open rates
  • A 2X increase in email reply rates
  • 10% increase in outbound sales pipeline
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41% down in cost per action

IBM uses Bombora to power winning LinkedIn campaigns

Using B2B marketing data to drive lead generation, Bombora and LinkedIn helped drive a 41% lower cost-per-registration for IBM Watson Analytics than other ‘business as usual’ tactics.

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41% down in cost per action

Our customers

We layer Company Surge® data with individual contact lead scores to come up with an overall account score for our target companies. We go after target companies with high account scores across all of our Account Based Marketing channels and have seen the number of engaged contacts increase.


Kari Hodgson

Director of Demand Generation, Couchbase

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Create content that gets consumed

Find out how you can use Intent data to create content based on what your customers are already interested in and target the businesses that want to hear from you right now.

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