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Surge data identifies which of your target companies are actively researching your products and services, signaling when and what they want to hear from you.

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What’s in a Surge report?


Information about the domains that you are targeting, business size and industry.

Surge Score

Information about the level of interest in the topics that you have selected based on your target list of companies and their location.


Information about the location of the companies that you are targeting.

What is Intent Data?

Data about business users web content consumption that provides insight into the products they are interested in and indicates potential to take action

Everyone wins with Bombora

  • “Our partnership with Bombora ensures that Lattice Engine customers have access to the largest pipes of B2B intent data. The combination of intent data at scale, along with activity and fit data from the Lattice Data Cloud, allow us to identify the best revenue opportunities for our customers throughout all stages of the sales and marketing funnel.”

    Shashi Upadhyay Chief Executive Officer
  • “Bombora allows us to offer granular interest-based targeting to our advertising partners, as well as next generation post-campaign analytics.”

    Ann Marinovich Vice President, Advertising Strategy
  • “We have seen the results of Bombora's data and are increasingly using it across the entire organization. From data science, inside sales, field marketing, new market evaluation, territory assignments and online advertising, we are able to add insight to our existing activities. This is not about marketing taking credit, it's about helping us make better decisions.”

    Heather Sutherland Senior Director of Demand Generation
  • “Bombora’s Intent data, combined with our significant technology data set and integrated content marketing engine, will allow B2B executives to understand not only whom to target, but what to say to them in a very refined and timely way.”

    Gary Skidmore Chief Executive Officer
  • “Bombora allows us to offer granular interest-based targeting to our advertising partners, as well as next generation post-campaign analytics.”

    Ian Leslie Chief Marketing Officer
  • “The use of Bombora data to create segmentation and allow us to focus the media dollars more effectively is the realization of an evolution in marketing technology and the next step in B2B targeting. No more wasted dollars spent against companies with no interest. We can now be laser targeted and do a much better job directly supporting the sales efforts of our clients."

    Dick Reed Chief Executive Officer
  • “Adobe is excited to collaborate with Bombora. Thanks to Bombora’s ecosystem of 400+ million global users, Adobe’s B2B customers will have the ability to build on the B2B profile and power cross-channel marketing in a relevant, personalized experience through Audience Manager."

    Ali Bohra Director of Product Marketing
  • “Bombora has had a long proven track record in B2B media and a thorough understanding of programmatic advertising. With the right B2B data sets, we can now deliver deep audience insight to both marketers and online publishers. The larger databank will enable them to understand their customers in a new way – as human beings.”

    Kevin Tan Chief Executive Officer

Using Intent data to drive Content and Account-Based Marketing

Content marketing has snowballed, leaving marketers desperate for better ways to increase the relevance of their content… enter Intent data.