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Demand Identification and Campaign Optimization Deploy your budget with pinpoint precision by reaching the most motivated accounts with the right messages, at the right time.

Kanako Imazumi ABM Manager at Snowflake

“Snowflake needed to scale its ABM approach, and Bombora enabled our team to use intent-driven insights programmatically to ensure we’re communicating the right messages to the right audience.”

Struggling to identify accounts to hit demand generation goals?

Intent data can help

Buyer-led marketing, driven by Intent

Bombora amplifies engagement and campaign success by providing a holistic view of your buyer’s intent, their stage in the buying journey, and the topics that will be most effective to drive action.

Meet your highest priority buyers

When target accounts are in-market for your solution, they become active online. Bombora swoops in and collects all the digital breadcrumbs customers are leaving behind via our industry-leading, Intent data Cooperative.

Works "out of the box" with leading marketing platforms

This activity is segmented by topics of interest and the data is seamlessly integrated into any of the marketing automation providers in our diverse ecosystem – like Marketo, HubSpot, Adobe Audience Manager, LinkedIn, and Salesforce – so you can quickly apply Company Surge® Intent data to your campaigns and workflows to scale leads and improve Account-Based Marketing effectiveness.

Marketers use Company Surge® Intent data for...

Prioritizing Leads and Accounts

Understand at a glance which accounts are most likely to convert.

Digital Advertising

Boost digital engagement with the same ad spend, by delivering relevant messages to the most interested audiences.

Email Marketing

Send emails that drive action with better segmentation and timely, relevant content, that is powered by account intent insights.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Enhance your ABM efforts by aligning sales and marketing outreach around the accounts and messages most likely to convert your highest priority targets.

Content Optimization

Know which content will resonate at every step in the buyer’s journey.

Target Account List Creation

Effortlessly uncover new accounts which are actively in-market for your products or solution.

Competitive Conquesting

See which target accounts are checking out your competitors and win them over for quick conversions.

Intent data in action:

107% boost in email open rates, 120% increase in CTA

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67% increased CTR on LinkedIn Ads

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271% ROI on paid social, 33% reduction in sales cycle

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