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The right insights, at the right time, can be the difference between hitting your goals and not. Bombora’s Measurement uncovers hidden insights into what’s working well, what’s not, and what could be better with your marketing and sales initiatives.

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Purpose-built for modern marketers

Today’s advanced marketing and sales strategies require a measurement solution that rests on a B2B dataset of unprecedented scale and quality.

Measurement-Quality-data drives insight

Quality data drives insight

Bombora collects an unprecedented volume of B2B intent, demographic, and firmographic data across premium sources globally to create a scalable and quality dataset that powers Measurement. With access to the business research behavior at nearly three million B2B organizations, Bombora provides deep insight into the composition, engagement behavior, and buying journey of your audience.

Measurement-Quality-data drives insight

Visitor Insights

Transform anonymous website visitors into insights that drive your marketing strategies and enable your sales team to win more business. Visitor Insights provides visibility into the demographic and firmographic attributes of your unknown website visitors, as well as how they’re engaging with your content. Delivered via Bombora’s interface, a daily or weekly raw feed, an API, or integrated with Google Analytics, Visitor Insights arms you with the information you need to capture warm leads for sales or validate the effectiveness of your marketing programs.

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Audience Verification

There is a significant abundance of data available in the market for creating targeted campaigns, but the insights offered are often a black box. B2B online marketers often rely on proxy online metrics that just don’t tell the whole story of brand awareness, reach, or lift. Introducing Audience Verification: the first product of its kind that finally measures brand impact of B2B digital advertising. By simply placing a tag on your campaign creative(s), you are now able to see which businesses you are successfully reaching, and how you are tracking against your Account Based Marketing goals.

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Historical Buyer Journey Analysis

Nearly 57% of the B2B purchase decision process is completed prior to a buyer ever engaging with a sales rep.* However, the B2B buying journey is mostly unknown. A Historical Buyer Journey Analysis fills in the blanks. Partner with Bombora to uncover the research journey of your current customers and discover the topics, when consumed more, can indicate true interest in purchasing your products or services. Combine these insights with Company Surge® Analytics to supercharge your sales and marketing strategies.

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Everybody wins with Bombora

Whether you're a marketer, an agency, or publisher, Bombora's Measurement product closes the loop and provides actionable insights into the effectiveness of your sales and marketing programs.

B2B Sales and Marketing

Know who you're reaching and who's engaging with your website.

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Understand the impact of your digital strategies on your client's website or other landing pages.

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Get better insight into who is visiting and engaging with your content.

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I want to know when customers or prospects are on the website. [Visitor Insights] gives us great insights into who these accounts are. Working off IP addresses, you're able to get firmographics and feed out to sales what they want to know: which accounts are on the website, how many people are on the website, what are they doing, how long are they staying there?

Paul Green

Director of Marketing Technologies, Extreme Networks

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