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Company Surge® Alerts is a free weekly email telling you which of your target accounts are researching topics relevant to your business.

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There are B2B businesses in active research mode for your products or services. But do you know who they are? 

Company Surge® Alerts tells you which target accounts are researching Intent topics relevant to your business.

Use this free Intent data tool to proactively coordinate sales and marketing activities around businesses with active intent.

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3 steps to set up Company Surge® Alerts

Follow these three steps to set up Company Surge® Alerts and start sampling the power of Intent data for free:

1. Register details – Complete your business information, create and verify your account

2. Select topics – Select up to 12 Intent topics related to your products and brand to monitor

3. Setup targeting – Upload a list of your target accounts or set targeting parameters for your audience


A weekly email you can use!

Once you’ve completed your registration, every Monday you will receive an email highlighting the top ten businesses interested in your selected Intent topics.

The easiest way to test this data is by using it across your sales enablement and lead generation activities.

If you want to find out more about how your business can best use Company Surge® Intent data, schedule a demo with our team.

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Accelerate your sales and marketing cycles using Company Surge® Intent data

Using Company Surge® Intent data Salesforce identified target accounts with active demand.

It helped them reach the right people with the right ads to achieve a 271% increase in ROI and shave 33% off its sales cycle.

Learn how other leading brands are using Company Surge® Intent data for sales and marketing success.

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Company Surge® use cases

Whether you’re a marketer, agency, or publisher, Company Surge® Intent data helps you prioritize resources and accelerate revenue.

B2B Sales and Marketing

Use Company Surge® Intent data to align and unify marketing and sales activities.

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Use Company Surge® Intent data to deliver better targeted campaigns and results.

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Use Company Surge® Intent data to enrich ad products and deliver more targeted campaigns.

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If you think about being a marketer or a salesperson, you always want to know more about the person you're talking to.

Intent data allows us to do that in a really great way. It's good for us because we know what to talk about. And it's great for our prospects because it's relevant.


David Tam

Director of Marketing, OneLogin

World leading brands use Company Surge® Intent data

Marketing and sales - aligned!

OneLogin used Leadspace and Bombora to increase email opens 60%; double email reply rates; and increase outbound sales pipeline 10%. But its biggest success is the alignment between sales and marketing and running "a fully-integrated marketing campaign and sales play, where the messaging just matches."

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Case Study - IBM Offset Content ABOUT
Smarter targeting & lower CPRs

Using Company Surge® data with LinkedIn account targeting tools and sponsored content, IBM Watson served in-feed ads to people at organizations actively researching its brand. This approach drove a 41% lower CPR.

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Case Study - IBM Offset Content ABOUT
Love at first use?!

Why does Veristor's sales team love Bombora? Company Surge® data insights help Veristor sales representatives understand what prospects want to discuss and craft relevant pitches that close deals.

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