Audience Solutions

A complete B2B solution

When it comes to reaching your B2B audiences online, Audience Solutions connects all the pieces. From reaching business decision makers and executing Account Based Marketing strategies to syndicating it over to your preferred media activation partners, Bombora helps you do it all.


More targeted. More personal.

Designed to meet the needs of today's digital marketers, Audience Solutions helps you effortlessly reach B2B audiences online, execute Account Based Marketing strategies and activate them for a consistent and personalized customer journey.


Hone in on your audience

It’s never been easier to reach your target B2B audience. Leverage Bombora’s comprehensive database of demographic and firmographic attributes to reach B2B buyers. Or build a custom audience using Bombora’s Digital Audience Builder to mix and match multiple attributes for a highly targeted audience.

B2B audience attributes include:

  • Seniority
  • Functional area
  • Industry
  • Professional group
  • Company Size and Revenue
  • Granular technology install
  • Intent and predictive signals
  • Personal interests and lifestyles

Digital Audience Builder

Make every impression count. Reach your highly targeted audience with Digital Audience Builder. Select from hundreds of B2B audience attributes or simply upload a target account list to be transformed into digital audiences. Activate your custom audience segment across all your marketing touch points so that each advertisement reaches your audience with a consistent and personalized message.


Reach your audience, everywhere

Built-in integrations with leading data exchanges, data management and programmatic platforms, and Facebook makes it easy to syndicate your B2B audience directly to all of your preferred partners.


Everybody wins with Bombora

Whether you're a marketer, an agency, or a publisher, Bombora's Audience Solutions helps you be hyper-targeted with your digital campaigns.

B2B Sales and Marketing

Partner with your agency to create a holistic digital strategy that extends the impact of your marketing programs, and reaches your target audience with a consistent and personalized message.

Surf's up


Build a cohesive digital strategy that leverages B2B Intent data and account-based targeting capabilities to help marketers connect with their target audience online.

Dive in


Offer granular B2B Intent data and account-based targeting capabilities to your advertising partners to reach target audiences online.

Take off

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