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Teradata and Just Media use Intent data to calculate brand lift of a global advertising campaign

September 12, 2019

Teradata launched a global advertising campaign with the hopes of spreading brand awareness for its B2B cloud-based analytics product. Teradata’s agency, Just Media, utilized Company Surge® Intent data and Bombora Measurement to reveal a 279% lift in brand awareness across target and prospect accounts in the U.S., U.K., and Germany.

There is constant pressure from a variety of stakeholders (C-level executives, salespeople, board members, etc.) to determine if Marketing, the department responsible for potentially an organization’s largest budget, is making worthwhile and effective efforts towards moving the needle. Traditional methods of evaluating impact tend to subscribe to the school of thought that surveys, panels, or proxy engagement metrics will solve the mystery. Teradata and Just Media looked beyond those methods and tested Bombora’s nod to this common challenge: Bombora Measurement

Bombora Measurement uncovers the B2B path to purchase by monitoring online content consumption around a topic or topics within the B2B Data Co-op, and evaluating changes in that consumption to reveal common trends amongst customers that take place right before a purchase is made. 

In this instance, Just Media pulled consumption data on the topic “Teradata” to perform a Historical Buyer Journey Analysis on existing customers, target accounts, and all other companies six months prior to the campaign launch, ensuring there was a comparative baseline of past behaviors. The ultimate goal would be an increased Company Surge® Score during and after the campaign, which would indicate that more content on Teradata was being consumed amongst these groups of accounts, further proving a brand impact and heightened awareness. 

“The importance of brand advertising cannot be understated.  Nor can the difficulty in measuring its efficacy. The use of Intent data to help brands see how well their ad campaigns are working marks a major step forward for the industry,” said Bombora CEO Erik Matlick. “We look forward to working with companies like Teradata, Just Media, and other innovators to develop this further.”

In addition to performing a Historical Buyer Journey Analysis, Just Media also placed Audience Verification tags in many of Teradata’s digital placements within the campaign in the U.S., U.K., and Germany. The tags measured campaign reach and frequency, on the exact target accounts that were a part of Teradata’s ABM efforts.

Across the traditional and digital media channels that included billboards, targeted online ads, and paid social, the results proved a significant lift in brand awareness amongst target and non-target accounts:

  • The volume of accounts researching the Intent topic “Teradata” was positively correlated with the campaign’s media spending patterns. The higher the spend, the more potential customers showed interest in the topic (and vice versa). 
  • Compared to the baseline, the number of businesses actively interested in the topic “Teradata” during the campaign period dramatically increased for both target accounts and all businesses during the campaign period .
  • There was a 78% lift in the number of U.S. target accounts interested in "Teradata" compared to the historical baseline (during a period of heavy media spend).
  • After the very first week of the campaign, there was a 279% lift in the number of U.S. businesses (not target accounts) interested in "Teradata" compared to the historical baseline.

 Teradata’s team was willing to test a new way of measuring brand impact, which resulted in a  major breakthrough for the B2B industry as a whole.

“Teradata’s innovative marketing team wanted a new approach to measuring awareness impact,” said Just Media CEO Brandon Friesen. “We were excited to work with Bombora to help create a groundbreaking approach to brand measurement using Intent data at the core. The end result, Company Surge® Score, proved a very effective way to track awareness improvement both at a general and account-level.”

Parts of this post were first published on GlobeNewswire.