Historical Buyer Journey Analysis

Uncover the buyer journey

Today’s buyers control their own journeys. By the time they interact with a sales rep, they’re already in the late stages of the buying process. This new dynamic requires marketers to engage buyers through more of the journey. But that journey is mostly unknown.

A Historical Buyer Journey Analysis uncovers critical research stages in the buying process and the topics that when consumed more, can indicate true interest in your product or services.


Drop into the buyer's journey

Discover how your customers navigate through their research journey and derive meaningful insights for engaging target prospects.


Map the buyer's journey

Buyers have different needs at different stages of the journey as they develop a selection criteria or finalize vendor lists. A Historical Buyer Journey Analysis uncovers those buyer needs. Get insight into the research activity and topic interests of your existing customers during specific stages of their path to purchase.


Unlock meaningful Intent topics

By mapping the B2B research journey, you’ll get a deeper understanding into the intuitive and non-intuitive intent topics that are most meaningful to your target customers at different stages. These topics, when consumed more by target prospects, can indicate true interest in purchasing your products or services, thus ripe for marketing and sales engagement.


Supercharge intent based programs

Combined with Company Surge® Analytics, insights from your analysis can be used to power intent based sales and marketing programs. Leverage topic insights to tailor marketing automation campaigns and sales conversations based on a prospect’s stage in the journey. Or better segment where businesses on your Account Based Marketing lists are in the buying process based on topic interests for sales prioritization.

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Everybody wins with Bombora

Whether you're a B2B marketer or agency, a Historical Buyer Journey Analysis helps you better understand your customers and their research activity during the path to purchase.

B2B Sales and Marketing

Better understand the buying journey of your customers to inform your Account Based Marketing and intent based programs.

Surf's Up


Partner with your clients to get deeper buyer journey insights that help drive digital advertising and paid social strategies.

Dive In


Bombora helped us identify topic interests during the buyer’s journey. We found that customers researched broad topics earlier in the journey, progressing later into more solution-focused and product-specific topics. This insight has helped us better prioritize and predict qualified opportunities.


Leila Schwarz

Juniper Networks, Senior Manager Business Analytics and Insights

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