Audience Verification

Know which businesses you are successfully reaching with your ad targeting and do away with the programmatic “black box”

How it works

1. Upload a list of the businesses you want to target in your campaign
2. Place a tag on your creative(s) and syndicate the audience through your preferred media partner
3. Get an aggregated view of the demographic and firmographic attributes of the companies you’re reaching as well as unique user and impression trends over time.

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The insights you've been missing

Finally, a solution that provides visibility into the targeting effectiveness and audience composition of your B2B campaigns.


A major advancement in B2B advertising

Achieving transparency with your B2B digital campaigns is often a black box. Bombora’s Audience Verification breaks through that barrier so you can finally get the visibility you need to close the loop between your intended reach and who you’re really reaching with your digital campaigns. Get meaningful ad insights such as unique user counts and account names of the businesses reached.


Maximize your ROAS

You can’t optimize what you don’t measure. Analyze individual ad creatives by assigning a unique tag to each, and verify which accounts you are influencing. See “on-target” and “off-target” impression counts against your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) list, so you can focus more on the partners and channels where you are making an impact.


Align marketing and sales account-based activities

Increasing efforts in Account-based Marketing? How can marketing validate that ad spend is truly influencing decision makers at the businesses that sales wants to reach? With Audience Verification, know which accounts are moving down-funnel and directly attribute marketing spend to sales opportunities. When used in conjunction with Visitor Insights, track the full-funnel customer journey and understand the full impact of who you’ve reached with your ads on website traffic and engagement.

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Everybody wins with Bombora

Whether you're a marketer, agency, or publisher, Bombora's Audience Verification delivers the insights you've been looking for to validate that your campaigns are reaching your target audience.

B2B Marketing

Ensure your Account Based Marketing strategies and digital activities are reaching your intended audience and making an impact.

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Partner with clients and media vendors to optimize campaigns based on validated reach against the target audience and maximize return on media investment.

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Demonstrate your ability to help advertising partners reach their desired audience through your targeted advertising and account-based programs.

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Customer testimonial

The reality is that not everyone in a buying committee visits your website, but by getting them familiar with your brand, you’re able to reduce friction at the point of purchase. Bombora’s new Audience Verification product changes the game because, for the first time, we’re able to validate that we’re reaching the businesses and decision makers we need to reach to maximize marketing ROI.

AJ Resnick - Director of Connected Experience - Just Media

AJ Resnick

Head of Connected Experience, Just Media