Winning with Cooperative B2B data

Data sharing is a must

Forward-thinking publishers, marketers, agencies, technology providers, research firms and events firms all benefit as members of Bombora’s B2B Data Cooperative (Data Co-op).

From the largest business media companies on the planet to the most niche special interest destinations, cooperative members receive direct access to a massive pooled data set that details business firmographics and buyer intent across the B2B web at massive scale. In return, they contribute privacy compliant, brand anonymous, visitor consumption data.

Join the Data Co-op

Bombora, the trusted and impartial aggregator

Bombora builds products and activation integrations on its data returning ever greater value back to cooperative members and the larger B2B ecosystem.


The scale of the B2B web

Bombora’s B2B Data Co-op is the largest of its kind, ensuring a valid historical baseline delivering scale exponentially greater than any one site:

  • 2.8 million companies content consumption monitored
  • Across almost four thousand websites
  • 22.2 billion quarterly content consumption events

Figures for Q3 2018 (average of monthly figures from July to September)


How can data sharing help you?

B2B Sales and Marketing

Leverage massive data scale and depth

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Access to the most granular B2B data

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Gain a new competitive advantage

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“Bombora allows us to offer granular interest-based targeting to our advertising partners, as well as next generation post-campaign analytics.”


Ann Marinovich Vice President, Advertising Strategy


Make your data work harder for you

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