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Terminus and Bombora help businesses operationalize Intent-powered Account Based Marketing

December 14, 2017

Terminus Account Based Marketing (ABM) platform makes it simple to target and deploy digital advertising campaigns powered by Intent signals, thanks to Bombora B2B Intent data. The now native integration has helped joint-customers influence new business by producing ABM lists of high-value target accounts.  

It’s a true testament of quality when two businesses partner after utilizing each others’ technology. For over a year, Terminus marketing and sales teams have leveraged Bombora Intent data to provide fuel for the platform’s “Fit + Intent + Engagement” model. The model produces account lists of businesses that displayed purchase Intent signals and therefore should be targeted in ad campaigns. The combined solutions yielded success metrics that prompted a partnership, and is now available to the B2B market.

One of the largest challenges in B2B marketing is not simply building a framework for ABM, but actually putting it to practice. How can it be operationalized in a way that highlights your best prospects, and subsequently allows you to validate the effectiveness of your targeting efforts? Terminus’ platform visualizes Company Surge® data to show the combined engagement of accounts both on, and off your website. Thus, users are able to see the success rates of all paid and organic efforts.

Terminus’ website engagement metrics are combined with insights gathered from the largest source of B2B data across the web, known as the Data Co-op. When it shows that certain accounts have engaged with topics related to products and services, followed by a website visit to one which sells said services, marketers can prioritize and send those accounts to sales.

In the platform, accounts are scored via Company Surge® for marketers to draw insights and trigger ABM practices. They are able to see:

  • Accounts that are in research mode and need some funnel nurturing with Terminus ad campaigns, and
  • Those that are primed for outreach and purchase, therefore encouraging sales prioritization.
  • Future platform capabilities will include dynamic audiences, advertising automation, and deeper account reporting.

Overall, the results lead to smarter, data-driven account-based activities and seamless execution of campaigns through the Terminus ABM platform. A number of Terminus customers, such as cognitive search platform, Attivio, are already putting Bombora Intent data to work for their ABM efforts. 

“Using Terminus and Bombora together helps us better target and engage our key accounts. Of the opportunities created since we’ve implemented the solution, nearly 70% of them have been influenced by Terminus and Bombora,” stated Allyson Barr, CMO at Attivio. “In addition, we’ve seen web engagement triple from our target accounts. I’m excited to see Bombora data integrated into the Terminus ABM platform.”

“Bombora Company Surge® data is the most robust signal of active demand from an account,” said Dale Durrett, VP of Partnerships at Bombora. “Our partnership with Terminus enables marketers to operationalize those signals in many ways, including easily creating keyword-specific account-based advertising campaigns that reach the entire buying committee.”

Parts of this post were first published on PRWeb.