B2B Sales and Marketing

Connect sales and marketing with Intent data to drive customer acquisition and engagement

Digital advertising

Paid media should support account based sales

B2B brands have embraced Account Based Marketing and sales with a fervor. But paid media plans have been siloed from these initiatives. Advertising placements are selected by erroneous factors such as site reputation, programmatic buying ease, or distributed through fickle decision maker or demographic segments. Consequently, less emphasis is placed on target businesses showing active intent and the accounts that sales are working on.

Account level ad targeting fueled by active demand

Increase efficiency and efficacy by building audience segments based on business name, location, size, functional area, seniority, and most importantly, intent. Integration with the industry’s top programmatic platforms means seamless execution, and no added legwork. Coordination with sales ensures ads are shown to the same target prospect accounts that they are calling on.


B2B advertising and media teams, and their agency partners


Use the Bombora interface to build account, ABM and intent segments and push these to activation partners like MeritDirect, QuinStreet, CBSi, Discover.orgEverString. Live data exchange partners include: Acuity Ads, Adobe, AppNexus, Oracle BlueKai, Eyeota,  Liveramp, Lotame, MediaMath, and The Trade Desk


Measure reach and frequency of target prospects using Audience Verification
See 20-40% increase in display advertising performance

Content syndication and lead generation

Programmatic content syndication is often blindly targeted

Leads and contacts can come from a wide variety of sources. When purchased from third parties, it often leads to privacy and data quality issues. An even bigger problem is that these leads may not be part of the group of decision makers responsible for purchasing, nor is it at all clear that they are interested.

Ensure you are acquiring demand, not just contacts

Drive downloads and generate leads from Bombora’s pre-qualified and active accounts. Syndicate your topically-relevant content through platforms that can target specific accounts and decision makers that are in active research mode. By capturing users at organizations that are consuming content relevant to what you sell, you increase the chance for successful engagement and ultimately, a purchase.


Demand generation managers, lead generation managers, content and product marketers, marketing analysts, sales operations and enablement


Directly via the Bombora interface or providers like Bound, Uberflip, Adobe


Drastically grow your contact list
Fuel call centers, email marketing, and other demand generation teams with warm leads that yield higher response rates

Marketing automation

Marketing emails are moving from irrelevant to irritating

Nurture marketing campaigns and sales outreach emails have reached a point of over-saturation. There is simply a bombardment of irrelevant emails reaching the wrong people at businesses, at the wrong time.

Account profiles within marketing platforms are largely void of actionable external behavioral data. As a result, email content is crafted and based on CRM records derived from on-site interactions and appended stale data from offline files. Marketers rely on email as a fundamental communication tool, but they’re not personalizing it to provide value to recipients.

Market to the right people, with content they’ve expressed interest in

Segment marketing lists by business topics that reflect what your recipients are researching. Apply a Company Surge® Score, which incorporates the strength of business intent and various behavioral signals, to personalize your messages on the account level. The Company Surge® Score updates weekly to reflect increasing or decreasing interest, so you can adapt your message accordingly. Enrich email lists with active intent signals, and email less often and more effectively to drive engagement, retention, and acquisition.


Email marketers, marketing operations managers, lifecycle marketers, marketing analysts


Upload a subscriber list to the Bombora interface, or provide access to your marketing automation vendor (see our Marketo integration) to add Intent data in-platform


More personalized and relevant messaging, up to 50% improvement in opens, clicks, site visits

Sales prioritization

Prospecting and sales assignment are not strategic

Prioritizing leads and prospect accounts often winds up being a game of favorites or convenience. How to divide accounts amongst sales individuals to ensure they are laser-focused on the most important prospects each week is mostly dictated by the preferences of the sales team, gut feelings, or location logistics. Actual business affinities and propensity to buy is factored in when it is too late.

Shave time off the sales cycle with strategic prioritization

Submit a comprehensive prospect list, and in return, get a list of accounts to contact immediately, based on their recent online content consumption and behavioral intent signals. Know which accounts are researching topics related to your products or services before they even make it to your—or your competitors—website. View account-specific Intent data by metro area as well as the topics that might resonate with businesses in that area.


Sales leaders, sales managers, regional directors, field sales support


Add Intent data directly into your CRM to know which accounts are showing increased interest on a weekly basis


Increased sales efficiency, sales velocity and shortened sales cycles and more relevant sales outreach