B2B Sales and Marketing

Connect sales and marketing with Intent data to drive customer acquisition and engagement

Field marketing

Prospect event planning is politically driven

Field marketing often winds up being an order taker for sales. Where to hold events, who to invite and what to present is mostly dictated by the preferences of the sales team, by history or location logistics. Actual interest is factored in only after the fact, when it is too late.

Hold events where demand already exists

Field marketing managers can look at account-specific Intent data by different metro areas and be armed with demand data and insight into why they are recommending one city over another city, as well as the topics that might resonate within an area. They can also dive into that data by account as well, so it really makes them a strategic partner to sales instead of just an event order person.


Field marketing teams, event planners, and field sales support


Use dynamic Intent data to analyze the active demand combination of company, location, and topic


Event planning based on hard data about prospects and accounts

Contact acquisition

Purchased leads aren't neccessarily buyers

Leads and contacts can be had from a wide variety of sources. The problem is that they may not be part of the buying group responsible for purchasing, nor is it at all clear that they are interested.

Ensure you are acquiring demand, not just names

Drive downloads and generate contacts from organizations that are in active research mode. By getting users at organizations that are actively consuming content relevant to what you sell, you increase the chance for successful engagement and ultimately, purchase.


Demand generation managers, sales operations and enablement


Via partners MadisonLogic, Terminus, MeritDirect, PureB2B, Prophyts, QuinStreet, CBSi, Discover.org, EverString


Higher producing call and mailing lists

Site personalization

One size does not fit all with website content

Time-starved prospects are hungry for relevant information, but brands lack this knowledge before serving content. Building a thoughtful personalization strategy requires a deep understanding of your audience – a view that requires depth and breadth, impossible to get from only tracking visit activity to your website.

Serve content based on Intent from across the B2B web

Company SurgeTM tells you by target organizations, which topics are most relevant based on increased consumption against a historical baseline. Create and deliver content based on the topics that your target business audience is consuming across the entire B2B web. This insight can drive editorial planning and dynamic content delivery.


Content marketing managers, website managers, editorial teams, performance marketers


Directly via the Bombora interface or providers like Get Smart Content, Uberflip, Adobe, LookBookHQ


Doubling of engagement and conversion metrics


Company SurgeTM