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Bombora | NetWise

A Native Integration

Intent data and sales intelligence surface the right accounts and decision makers to reach out to.

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NetWise Overview

NetWise provides B2B Audience Data to sales and marketing professionals, brands, agencies, and platforms. Proprietary technologies unite, shape, and enrich data from a diverse range of sources, including internal 1st party data.

As a Native Integration partner, NetWise helps Bombora customers use Company Surge® to find corresponding contact data for their in market accounts.


How does NetWise use Intent data?

  1. SmartIntentThis bundled Intent and contact solution matches NetWise’s contacts (that fit your ideal persona profiles), to Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent data.
  2. Timely leads, consistent revenue A weekly flow of new accounts entering the sales cycle helps sales and marketing teams connect with the right people at the optimal time.
  3. Actionable insights – NetWise delivers new high intent leads in a simple format each week, making it easy to take quick action.

What are the benefits of this?

  • Fresh data every week for revenue teams
  • Amplify your message and book meetings with activation-ready data feeds
  • Maximize sales productivity and allow BDRs, SDRs and sales reps to stop relying on dated demographic lists

“NetWise is an active and successful user of Company Surge® matched with our own actionable contacts – so we can personally testify to its combined effectiveness.”

Dwight Gorall CEO at NetWise

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