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The 5 best tips to get proven results with Intent data

79% reduction in cost per click?

300% increase in click-through rates?

You’ve seen how the results of integrating Intent data into your marketing and sales process can be amazing – but how can you start getting results like this yourself? 

Showing the ROI from Intent data in the short term can be tricky if you’re not sure where to start, so we put together this list of our 5 favorite intent-driven initiatives that can help you start seeing ROI faster!

Let’s dive in!

Get more results with Intent data

1. Overhaul your follow-up 

Are you onto marketing email #3 or 4 with no response? Do you find yourself guessing at what your prospect is actually interested in?

What will capture your prospect’s interest and get their click?

With Company Surge®, you can set up topic clusters to see which subjects are most relevant to the prospects you’re targeting. Now you can engage the entire buying committee with personalized email workflows on the right topic at the right time.

Read how Marketo used this strategy to get a 107% boost in email open rates!

2. Pinpoint your Total Addressable Market

How do you know if your existing customers are in the right stage of their buying cycle, and how do you find new accounts who are interested in your products or services?

Purchased lists don’t have this level of depth, and target accounts put together by sales teams can often be based on little more than gut instinct.

Using Intent data puts your prospects in control – When your prospects traverse the web looking for your products or services, they will appear on your Company Surge® report. 

Now your list is essentially ‘customer-generated. What could be better than that?

In addition to validating your current list, using Intent data will also help you discover brand new accounts that are sniffing around the web for your solution!

Hornbill used an Intent data approach to find 900 new accounts, resulting in dozens of active sales opportunities!

3. Intelligently segment and prioritize your prospect list

Without Intent data, target account lists are just names on a page. How are you supposed to effectively message each account on a personalized level without any context?

Some accounts are ready to buy now, while others are just starting their research phase. Some are showing interest in your brand, while others are heavily researching your competition. Each of these prospects is in a different place and needs to be effectively segmented to hear the right messaging that speaks to their specific situation.

With Intent data, your account list isn’t just a list of names – It also includes contextual data like your target accounts’ topics of interest and their level of interest in these topics. 

You can tailor your campaigns to the various stages of your buyers’ Intent journeys and even create dashboards and account scoring models that further prioritize these accounts for sales.

Now, when an account has a high Intent score, your salesperson can filter for the account, the relevant Intent topics, and how long the account has been showing interest to be sure their messaging will be relevant and effective.

Check out how Fortinet uses Company Surge® to help their BDRs spend their limited time most effectively.

With Intent data, Cloudera was able to effectively focus on the 28% of their target account list who were actually in-market for their solution.

4. Nail your timing and relevance

Almost half of B2B buyers identify a solution before reaching out to a salesperson, so, if you’re relying on a traditional marketing/sales model, you’re almost guaranteed to be late to the game.

With Company Surge®, you can select relevant topics of interest and set thresholds that will help you spot interested buyers before they would ever traditionally contact you.

Now you can get in early in the deal cycle and influence key decision-makers, while your competition is still waiting on a phone call.

Turtl saw a 300% increase in sales meeting creation after designing intent-based workflows that automatically alerted SDRs and triggered the appropriate email sequence when a target account showed interest in intent topics.

5. Increase cold outreach conversion

What people say and what they do can be two very different things – so is your prospect really interested in your product or services or are they just window shopping?

Pursuing accounts and prospects who don’t have true intent wastes your team’s precious time, which ultimately translates into lower profitability.

By using Intent data, you’re seeing which customers are truly interested, and which specific topics they’re interested in. Now you can be sure you’re messaging the prospects most ready to buy with the exact solution they’re looking for.

See how Hushly got a 414% bump in lead-conversion rates by focusing their messaging on topics of interest and level of interest uncovered with Intent data.

Less is more.

So often we think of revenue from deals won being the only ROI metric that matters, but we can easily overlook the costs that go into securing those wins.

Every call to an uninterested prospect, every outreach that lacks relevance, and every message that fails to connect is a real cost on your business that steals from your efficiency and profitability.

Implementing each of the 5 tips above means you’re spending less time and energy chasing the wrong accounts, which means you have more time and resources to go after the accounts that are genuinely interested in your products or services.

Less waste. More success.

One final tip: Start with 1 or 2 of the tips above, so you can focus and do it well. Once you have the process in place, then move on to the next one until you’ve mastered all 5! Your friendly Bombora team is always a quick call away if you need any help or support!