Veristor uses Intent data to kickstart campaigns from a verified place of interest

"Our entire team is fully bought into Bombora"

Says Jessica Garrett, Head of Marketing at Veristor.

Whether it’s an email, event, or a sales conversation, Intent data has driven better results for Veristor. By using Company Surge® Intent data, Veristor has seen a two-fold increase in email open rates, an 18% increase in event attendance, and many anecdotal sales success stories that have made many instant believers.


Veristor's Journey

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Veristor has a reputation for close-knit partnerships and custom solutions that are truly transformative for customers. Given that reputation, it only made sense that Veristor’s marketing team would look to build this level of personalization into its sales and marketing approach.

That’s where Intent data came in. 

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Implementing any new marketing system or data takes time and resources. Getting buy-in from the sales team meant they had to understand and embrace a new source of intelligence.

Veristor started with a small group of sales reps to find early success. Anecdotal success with Intent data would be the key to driving adoption.

Meanwhile, Veristor’s marketing team used Intent data on everything from digital ads to in-person events to start from a verified place of interest.



Veristor partnered with Bombora to deploy Company Surge® Intent data with the sales team and across a few marketing initiatives.

In one instance, a sales representative went into a meeting to speak about the networking product line. After receiving an alert that the prospect was actively researching a storage solution, the sales rep changed his pitch to focus on the storage solution, which ultimately closed the deal.

Veristor’s marketing team also used Intent data to drive event attendance. The company identified 200 people at target accounts showing intent to receive a direct mail piece. Those who engaged with the tailored mailing received an invitation to a special Veristor dinner event in Atlanta.



The early successes in sales conversations and conversions led to the entire sales team loving Company Surge® Intent data and Veristor building a custom Salesforce integration to trigger alerts directly from the CRM.

In recent integrated marketing campaigns, efforts fueled by Intent data saw similar boosts:

  • Events attendance registration increased by 18% compared to non Intent-data driven campaigns.
  • Email campaigns informed by Intent data saw a two-fold increase in open rates (11 percent) and a 133 percent increase in CTR compared to campaigns informed by classic data mining or cold lists. Intent-driven campaigns also saw a three percent decrease in opt-outs.
  • Telemarketing campaigns informed by Intent data resulted in 2X increase in meetings booked.


Everybody wins with Bombora

B2B Sales and Marketing

Align marketing and sales towards a unified approach focused on Intent data.

Surf's up


Deliver better results for your clients with highly targeted campaigns that focus on businesses showing intent.

Dive in


Enrich your ad products with the power of B2B Intent data to deliver more targeted campaigns for your advertising partners.

Take off


Across all communications, even if it’s just a simple email, we’ve found that you get much better rates—open rates, click rates, response rates, you name it—if you start with Intent data. Our team is absolutely in love with this tool.


Jessica Garrett

Veristor, Head of Marketing

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