Pegasystems taps into Intent data to enhance sales and marketing

Historical Buyer Journey Analysis uncovers new hot topics and unidentified prospects

Pegasystems uncovers 75 topics that showed an aggregate 284 percent more research behavior between the closed won clients and the control group, and lookalike prospect accounts during the research phase that were ripe for targeting.

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Pegasystems' Journey



Pegasystems is the leading cloud provider for customer engagement and operational excellence. If you’ve driven a car, used a credit card, opened an account or countless other everyday tasks, there’s a good chance you’ve interacted with Pegasystems.

Being a widely applicable technology also makes it a challenge to market. Pegasystems’ sales and marketing teams wanted to take a more focused approach by reaching out to not all companies that could buy, but instead focus on those most likely to buy.



Pegasystems understood the value of incorporating Intent data into its Account Based Marketing strategy. By partnering with Bombora, Pegasystems could get insight into upswings in content consumption on topics that a business is researching prior to buying, and thus, is ripe for marketing outreach.




Pegasystems partnered with Bombora to perform a Historical Buyer Journey Analysis to find topics that accounts, that had already bought from Pegasystems, consumed prior to buying.

How it worked:

  1. Pegasystems provided two sets of lists: a list of closed won client accounts and a list of prospective client accounts that had not engaged in 18 months (control group)
  2. Bombora evaluated 18 months’ worth of content consumption at businesses on both lists, based on more than 250 topics pertinent to Pegasystems’ business


The Historical Buyer Journey Analysis revealed the topics most meaningful to current customers — and at what point during the buying cycle those topics were researched. Overall, 75 topics that showed an aggregate 284 percent more research behavior between the closed won clients and the control group will be the core focus of Pegasystems intent-based approach.

By understanding topics most commonly researched by existing Pegasystems customers, Bombora was able to identify lookalike prospect accounts on the control list that were ripe for targeting during their research phase of the buying cycle.


Enhancing data-driven sales and marketing

Pegasystems is applying Intent data not only to its prospecting, but also its overall marketing and sales strategies to avoid waste and brand damage of interrupting those not interested.


Everybody wins with Bombora

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