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3 ways to use Bombora Company Surge® with HubSpot to engage more qualified leads

“Clients are wanting to know more about their leads — they want to know their favorite pizza and if they like Pepsi or Coke. With Bombora’s Intent data, we can send our customers their audience’s top-performing Intent topics and account scores, as well as the individual data we’re able to pull from our own systems,” said Matthew Rhoades-Brown, Account Media’s CEO and founder.

At B2B companies, the sales, marketing, and go-to-market (GTM) teams have significant challenges: capturing the attention of busy professionals, proving that their product is worth the use of their team’s budget, and delivering the right message at the right time so they can close deals and grow the business.

Although not every business may need to know their prospect’s favorite snacks, knowledge truly is power. And the more you know about a lead, the better you can tailor your pitch. But is there a way to get the inside scoop about your prospects, their pain points, and everything in between?

You’ve heard it before — the B2B sales process is long. Timing (and the right messaging) really is everything. 

Luckily for GTM teams, Bombora Company Surge® eases that process.

It tracks key account-based activity and buying behaviors and enables your marketing and sales teams to reach these accounts when they’re actually ready to buy. Customers have uncovered over 300% more net new, high-intent accounts using Bombora Company Surge® data with HubSpot, an industry-leading CRM and sales platform.

HubSpot is an all-in-one CRM that powers sales, marketing, and customer care efforts for companies of all industries and sizes. And Bombora Company Surge® is B2B Intent data that integrates right into HubSpot to enrich existing data, helping teams personalize their GTM messaging and engage key accounts when they’re ready to buy. Bombora collects customer data, with permission, from the only Intent data Cooperative that comprises the most highly-trafficked B2B websites. Customers use this data to engage new leads and qualify existing ones based on content interest and level of intent. 

Let’s get into three ways to use HubSpot and Bombora together to boost the efficacy of your GTM team’s work and the growth of your business.

Bombora Intent data HubSpot integration

Use Bombora Company Surge® with HubSpot to boost GTM efforts

Grow the top of the funnel by discovering new in-market accounts

Typically, it’s exclusively up to demand generation teams to grow the top of the funnel and pass leads onto the sales team — and it’s not always easy. Demand gen teams must combine paid ads, social media, email marketing, field marketing, events, and so much more to continually reach new prospects for the sales team to work.

But Bombora’s Company Surge® is a perfect complementary tool for a GTM team’s demand gen efforts – right into the HubSpot interface — where teams are already familiar working in. 

For example, B2B workflow software company Hornbill was able to expand its reach to new customers thanks to Bombora’s Company Surge® intel. Bombora automatically delivered net-new accounts to Hornbill’s HubSpot database every week, and this has helped them reach over 900 new accounts within just six months. This has resulted in dozens of active sales opportunities. 

And over at Turtl, a B2B content automation software company, Head of Marketing Karla Rivershaw shares that Bombora and HubSpot have made all the difference:

 “The ability to get net new, in-market accounts in HubSpot from Bombora is a game changer. We’re not only relying on our own database, but we’re expanding our universe of target accounts to new businesses interested in our solutions. When marketing identifies prospects not on sales’ radar with all the messaging ready to go, it validates the impact of marketing and makes it easier for SDRs to book meetings.”

Improve the efficacy of nurtures and sales pitches

The best way to deliver the right message at the right time is to know what kind of messages your target audience is actually interested in. Too often, nurtures and sales pitches are far too general and are uninformed by data and research on a client. And even if a sales rep or marketing team has the tools to research their target audience deeply, it’s a time-consuming process that’s not easy to do regularly. 

But Bombora’s Company Surge® collects and delivers specific insights about core messages, product lines, and buyer needs that resonate with each account they highlight. That way, the whole GTM function can simply go into HubSpot, see what a particular customer is into, and tailor their messaging accordingly. 

Bombora Company Surge® aggregates buying activity from all across the web and combines that data with HubSpot’s content engagement metrics to create a holistic view of what your target accounts want and need. In the platform, you can also create topic clusters with varying levels of intent, and when a prospect is logged as having shown interest in several of these topics in a short time, the right salesperson can be immediately alerted.

For example, Turtl was looking to boost the efficacy of its nurtures and pitches by investing in Bombora. After four months, the Turtl team increased its rate of meeting creation by more than 300% and booked more than 40 new sales meetings. And even though it normally takes six to nine months to close a deal — we told you the sales cycle is long in B2B! — Bombora identified a very hot in-market lead and the company was able to close a deal in only six weeks.

Use Intent data to strengthen lead scoring models and target active leads that are ready to buy

Lead scoring is an important piece of the sales enablement puzzle. For sales reps to know who to call and when, a strong lead scoring system is needed — because not every prospect is going to be ready to buy at the same time.

By the way, check out our Lead Scoring Workbook (complete with templated worksheets!) to learn how to build a lead-scoring model.

Bombora Company Surge® adds a layer of Intent data to your lead scoring: it tracks important trends in buying-related activity online that enables your sales team to prioritize the accounts that are ready to buy. Your sales reps can be notified on Slack (or through other platforms) when a prospect is particularly ready to buy, but even just being able to filter by level of intent helps them save time and reduce rejection and poorly-timed calls.

For example, with Bombora and HubSpot, the Hornbill sales team can filter their prospect and leads list by intent. If a lead has a high intent score, they can read up on what kinds of topics and products they’ve shown interest in and prepare for a sales call that highlights the exact features they’ve shown interest in. The sales rep can also see how long an account has been showing interest in any particular topic, so they can time the call correctly and catch them at a moment when they’re ready to buy.

Enable your reps to call the right prospects every day

By using Bombora Company Surge®, you can increase engagement, decrease your sales cycle, and maintain a healthy pipeline of accounts that are ready to buy. 

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