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3 ways Company Surge® for HubSpot amplifies ABX effectiveness

It’s not an industry secret that most B2B organizations face similar challenges.

If they’re interested in account-based marketing (ABM) or ABX (account-based everything/experience), those challenges most likely fall under the same umbrella: aligning internal teams and working with limited resources.

This is where Company Surge® for HubSpot can alleviate common ABX problems. By itself, Company Surge® lets you know which businesses are interested in your product or service and to what extent—simultaneously saving time and improving team communication. When integrated with HubSpot, Company Surge® is truly an ABM turn-key solution.

Here’s how Company Surge® for HubSpot provides a clearer understanding of which accounts to target, generates a greater ROI, and increases leads and overall ABM effectiveness.

Precision: Company Surge® for HubSpot uncovers priority accounts and previously unknown, net new businesses

The benefits of Company Surge® for HubSpot begin with account list creation. For any ABM or ABX campaign to have a shot at an impressive ROI, knowing which accounts to target should be determined by a data-driven approach (removing any human biases). But what data should be used to inform this decision? Intent data, of course. When Company Surge® Intent data syncs into HubSpot—and auto-updates on a weekly basis—it identifies and prioritizes in-market accounts and segments out audiences for outreach. Both sales and marketing teams then have definitive answers for whom they need to target and when.

Additionally, the marriage between Company Surge® and HubSpot provides insight into previously unknown prospects, ones that are searching for your product but are not resident in your customer relationship management (CRM) system. The addition of Intent data gives your organization the agency it needs to capture that easily-missed existing demand for your product or service. The result? Precise, focused outreach and an increase in the effectiveness of ABM and sales prospecting.

Efficiency: Company Surge® for HubSpot increases qualified demand using intent-based workflows

Two words can alight the fire in an experienced B2B marketer: workflow and efficiency. When workflows are informed by Intent data, however, the efficiency is taken to the next level. How you may ask? Well, when Company Surge® data is used within HubSpot, automated workflows can be created to route accounts into one of two places: a nurture path (of which there can be multiple) or sales outreach. This automation gives way to an acceleration of qualified prospects and thus qualified demand.

Impact: Company Surge® for HubSpot enhances lead nurturing, delivering content based on interest 

The final important impact of Company Surge® for HubSpot on an ABM or ABX campaign is all about content. Once again, the Intent data integrated into the HubSpot platform serves as the ultimate source of intelligence. With its insight, content can be developed based on the topics your accounts are most interested in and the messaging they’re most likely to resonate with. Personalized emails, paid social ads, and even one-to-one landing pages can be easily layered into the lead nurturing process.

(And if you didn’t nod your head in acknowledgment when reading the word “personalization,” it’s time to hop on the bandwagon. According to Instapage, 75% of marketers believe personalization results in higher click-through rates.)

The short story

The automation power duo, Company Surge® for HubSpot, brings precision, efficiency, and unbeatable impact to ABM and ABX campaigns. By providing the tools and data to discover new leads, segment audiences, and automate content and outreach workflows, the overall effectiveness of your digital marketing program is improved tremendously—without a strain on resources or misalignment among teams.

Learn more about how Company Surge® can integrate with your current platforms to grow your ABM program.