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Capture value from the highest quality B2B Intent data
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By contributing visitor consumption data to the Bombora Co-op, leading publishers, marketers, agencies, technology providers, and businesses get direct access to the largest dataset of business firmographics and buyer Intent data available – while helping protect the privacy of online visitors and maintain the integrity of B2B Intent data.

Future-proof your business using Intent data built from the most comprehensive and sustainable B2B data community.

There is strength in our numbers

16.3 billion

avg monthly content consumption events

5 thousand

sites in our Data Co-op

4 million

avg unique domains

15600 thousand

taxonomy topics

"Because we are in the [Data] Cooperative, we can see the content that our audience is viewing in the Bombora network, not just on our site."

Statistician at major business publication

How does Bombora's Data Co-op help your business?

Sell more effectively to accounts actively in market

Bombora for Sales

Boost digital engagement from the most relevant accounts

Bombora for Marketers

Reach target audiences with depth and scale

Bombora for Agencies

Know and grow your content audience

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