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“In a very short time, Bombora has become known as the brand to beat in the B2B intent data space.”
Outsell Company Analysis: Bombora, 2020

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Understand the basics of B2B Intent data

This essential, no-nonsense guide answers the most important questions about Intent data:

  1. What exactly is Intent data, and what are the different types?
  2. Why should I be paying attention to Intent data?
  3. How can I start using Intent data today?
  4. How does Intent data accelerate B2B growth and drive ROI?

Gain a fundamental understanding of Intent data and how it can strengthen the foundation of your marketing and sales strategy. This enables sales reps to take immediate, relevant action to engage their top accounts.

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Why B2B sales leaders need Intent data to win

In today’s buyer-led world, all sales teams must be highly skilled at:

  1. Recognizing which accounts are ready to buy now
  2. Understanding the products and services best suited for a target prospect today
  3. Reaching top prospects before the competition does

But winning sales teams have a secret that puts them ahead when it comes to truly knowing their buyer: Intent data

This eBook explains how leading B2B sales organizations leverage Intent data to beat their targets, and shows how your team will benefit from adding Intent data to your existing sales processes.

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Leveraging Intent Data for Marketing and Demand Generation

Download Gartner’s ‘2020 Emerging Technology Analysis’ to learn:
  1. How leading marketers execute ABM and demand generation campaigns more effectively using third-party Intent data
  2. Which platforms are especially useful for taking action on Intent data
  3. What privacy implications to consider when selecting Intent data providers
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Our customers

We're trying to do a lot less of ‘the random acts of marketing’ and really focusing our dollars on areas where we see a higher return. And Intent data has been a leading indicator for us on how to do that more effectively. And, we're at 300% better click-through rates when we use Intent data.


Ben Howell

VP of Performance Marketing, Salesforce

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