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Zylotech offers Bombora Intent data to deliver automated B2B sales and marketing insights for Account Based Marketing

August 6, 2019

The Zylotech self-learning B2B Customer Data Platform (CDP) will now offer a Company Surge® Intent data feed that natively surfaces key accounts and personas in its dashboard. The joint-offering will allow B2B sales and marketing professionals to seamlessly conduct and trigger personalized, 1:1 account-based activities to drive new business.

Bombora and Zylotech CDP are combining their market-leading Artificial Intelligence technologies to enable enterprise businesses and brands to run Account Based Marketing (ABM) activities through a single integrated offering. The partnership will introduce improvements and efficiencies to account prioritization strategy, pipeline acceleration, and overall customer success.

Zylotech CDP users can now access Company Surge® Intent data directly, which will display key accounts that are in active demand for their products and services based on recent online research behavior. The partnership with Bombora will optimize resources spent on account prioritization, and drive more focused campaign activities. After being able to identify best-fit accounts, users can then engage customers via 1:1 personalization for a significant incremental lift. 

Combining technology to accelerate account intelligence

Company Surge® analyzes the online content consumption of millions of B2B organizations to identify which accounts are indicating active demand for products and services. Zylotech’s self-learning CDP unifies, verifies and enriches customer data and automates recommendations for segmentation. The joint-offering delivers robust profiles that power account-based actions to improve pipeline speed and efficiency.

Partnership benefits 

Clients using the integrated offering can now:

  • Improve lead to close rate: continuously create, update, and maintain customer and prospect segments based on new and relevant data points 
  • Increase sales and customer success: view Intent data to understand customer preferences and make real-time recommendations for the relevant product(s) or content at scale
  • Increase existing customer sales and retention: understand customer purchase intent and capitalize on new opportunities for growth  
  • Discover new qualified leads: seamlessly acquire and farm new ideal customers and look alike contacts
  • Deploy timely and relevant messaging to the buyer: extend targeted outreach based on where they are along their purchasing journey

Zylotech’s addition of Company Surge®, will create “a unified view of all customer data which means marketing and sales now have a single, seamless way to identify ideal B2B buyers and drive more conversions,” said Patrick O’Brien, Chief Revenue Officer of Zylotech. “Marketers can personalize their campaigns specifically to the buyer’s intent, allowing sales to focus on buyers with expressed interest, and proactively engage in the decision-making process armed with customer insights.”

Parts of this post were first published on GlobeNewswire.