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SalesIntel and Bombora partner up to power-up sales intelligence

May 20, 2020

Sales Intelligence is making big waves and they are made even bigger with Intent data! A new partnership between Bombora and SalesIntel helps sales leaders 'surf these waves' by identifying and engaging with the buyers that have the highest propensity to purchase, to deliver faster and stronger sales pipeline.

“At SalesIntel it is our commitment to bring the best sales intelligence platform for go-to-market teams in B2B teams.  Integrating Bombora’s Intent data with SalesIntel’s data platform creates a best-in-breed solution for our joint customers,” Manoj Ramnani, CEO of SalesIntel.

“Today where B2B revenue leaders have to do more with less, Intent data provides the guidance to make efficient use of resources. Bombora’s Intent Data integrated within the SalesIntel solution will provide a competitive edge to sales and marketing teams by identifying prospects within the target audience that are in the consideration phase and actively engaged in their buying journey.”

Bombora identifies specific accounts that are researching products and services by capturing intent signals across a proprietary, consent-based cooperative of thousands of B2B websites. It uses natural language processing to understand meaning, context, and engagement with content, and its patented Company Surge® data is a normalized score showing content consumption spikes against a baseline of normal consumption, scored weekly to show trend analysis. SalesIntel combines these intent insights, together with firmographic, technographic, and contact data for its customer's target accounts.

“This partnership with SalesIntel brings together world-class contact data and the highest quality intent signals available. Intent data within SalesIntel’s Data Portal is the total solution," said Mike Burton, Co-founder, and SVP of Bombora.

“Normally, only 15% of businesses are in-market for any specific product at any given time. During these turbulent times it is critical to understand exactly how they are reprioritizing their investments, and to engage them based on the initiatives, products, and services they are going to commit to.”

This partnership will enable SalesIntel users to:

  • Choose Intent topics that are most relevant to their business and see which accounts are most interested in those topics.
  • Proactively coordinate sales and marketing activities around accounts with active intent.
  • Personalize engagement with key decision-makers based on intent, to accelerate the sales process.