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NetWise launches SmartIntent, a solution that makes Intent data actionable for omni-channel campaigns

September 15, 2019

Bombora Intent data is offered through SmartIntent, the latest addition to the NetWise ‘Smart’ suite of solutions that allows marketers to intelligently build audiences, identify their in-market accounts, and execute targeted campaigns. SmartIntent makes Intent data actionable, appending contact data to NetWise clients’ target account database.

NetWise's mission to make data useful for marketers is certainly one we can get behind. With a full suite of ‘Smart’ solutions that help to operationalize data in everyday practice, NetWise will now add Company Surge® Intent data to its repertoire. In this combined data solution, Intent data will populate the users’ target accounts that are showing active demand, based on the insights from the B2B Data Co-op; it performs online behavioral tracking of over 3 million businesses across nearly 6,000 business topics. NetWise will then append contact data to these prospects, allowing marketers to focus their efforts on specific people within these accounts. 

As is always the case, data is only valuable when it’s made actionable. NetWise CEO Dwight Gorall supports this notion with the brand promise to make data a utility as opposed to a hindrance to marketers, "…as part of our mission to make data useful, we crafted SmartIntent to combine contacts with domains so that marketers can initiate intelligently targeted omni-channel campaigns with interested and easily consumed target audiences,"  he explained. 

As far as using the data, SmartIntent’s file can be directly exported and leveraged immediately. Audiences can be imported into an existing CRM, Marketing Automation Platform, or other customer data platform.  

The SmartIntent audiences can also be used for social and programmatic campaigns, and it promises to deliver a more efficient method of driving demand for marketers while allowing sales to prioritize accounts to win more business.

"With SmartIntent, sales teams can focus their activity and eliminate the 'who's interested in us' guess work; instead spending their outreach time on targets that are already expressing an interest in their solutions," said Cam Fortin, VP of Product and Marketing for NetWise. "It allows marketers to engage the right people, with a fresh list of contacts that match your industry, company size, functional area, seniority and other 'sweet spot' definitions, while remaining consumable across any channel…email, phone, direct mail, social and custom segments for programmatic marketing can be enhanced with intelligent targeting of interested audiences," he concluded.

Parts of this post were first published on PR Newswire.