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Bombora Intent data improves strategic targeting for InsideView Apex customers

October 30, 2018

After the addition of Bombora Intent data to its platform, InsideView Apex now offers executives the ability to focus on their most valuable accounts to drive optimized go-to-market strategy and execution.

Business intelligence provider InsideView Apex offers data visualizations for Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) modeling as well as go-to-market planning tools. The platform has incorporated Bombora’s insights, aggregated from the largest source of B2B Intent data, to help executive users enhance planning in two ways:

  • Expand their total addressable market (TAM) by using Bombora’s Intent data to locate new companies that are looking for their products and services; or
  • Narrow their target market by applying Intent data to focus on the prospects most likely to be in-market and refine the Apex-generated market segments

“Adding Bombora Intent data makes go-to-market planning in Apex that much more powerful. Now you can discover even more ideal prospects, and home in on the specific accounts in your target market that are not only an ideal fit for what you sell but are also currently in-market,” said InsideView VP of Products Marc Perramond.

“InsideView Apex enables businesses to build profiles of their best prospects,” said Bombora VP of Partnerships Dale Durrett. “By adding its Intent data, Bombora helps executives decide which prospects to approach first.”

Bombora makes this all possible through its B2B Data Co-op that consists of 3,800+ media, analyst, business news and vendor websites, IT forums, and industry associations.  It monitors content consumption on specific topics to identify increases, therefore indicating when prospects have displayed strong signals of purchase intent.

Parts of this post were first published on GlobeNewswire.