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Bombora and netFactor launch the first enterprise-quality predictive marketing solution available to the SMB market

December 20, 2018

The integration of Bombora’s Intent data with website analytics platform, VisitorTrack, introduces the first-to-market software that is both cost-effective and driving results for small and medium businesses (SMBs). The SMB SaaS solution joins real-time anonymous website visitor identification with B2B Intent data on those same users.

It’s no secret that the more robust a software becomes, it simultaneously grows cost prohibitive and therefore unattainable to small and medium-sized organizations. The newest self-service solution to the B2B market finally allows businesses of all sizes to harness comprehensive prospect intelligence and predictive marketing capabilities to move the needle.

Bombora’s Company Surge®, which derives purchase propensity scores by account and topic (Company Surge® Scores), has been integrated with netFactor’s website visitor identification product, VisitorTrack. The combined solution allows users to see engagement activity of their website visitors when it occurs before, during, and after they visit said website.  

VisitorTrack reveals data on the anonymous site visitors such as account name, landing page visits, and contact information. Company Surge® Scores supplement a level of intelligence to show which visitors are actively researching related business topics across the web, creating a visual of those that are most likely to be receptive to sales and marketing outreach.

“Bombora has become the de facto standard in B2B Intent data by identifying buyer demand well before a hand is raised,” explains Christopher Jeffers, CEO and Chairman at netFactor. “ combining VisitorTrack’s real-time anonymous web visitor tracking with Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent data, we are delivering a unique and affordable toolset to uncover active B2B demand specifically for the SMB market.”

Joint-client, Jared Thorkelson at DLP Experts, began using the VisitorTrack and Company Surge® software earlier this year and shares positive feedback, "Tracking website visitors is a critical part of our company's marketing efforts. With VisitorTrack's new Company Surge® data...this makes it easy for our sales team to put their efforts behind the best prospects and the shortest path to revenue."

Curious where a Company Surge® Score comes from?

Bombora observes over 1 billion daily content consumption events across it’s B2B Data Co-op, and correlates the events to 5,000+ topics. When an organization consumes more content around specific topics, compared to a historical baseline, the activity indicates the business has increased interest and therefore purchase intent. The insights are organized by account-level and quantified as a representative score between 0 and 100, 100 being the highest level of purchase intent. 

“At any given point, only 15% of a company’s target accounts are actively in-market for the product or service that a company sells.” Jeffers explains, “The power of B2B Intent data allows users to accurately pinpoint the business visitors who are visiting a website and are most likely to be in-market for their B2B products or services.”

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Parts of this post were first published on PRWeb.