What is Intent data?

Intent data is data collected about a prospective business users’ observed behavior – specifically website consumption – that can provide insights into their interest in certain products or services and indicate potential intent to take action.

What is a Company Surge® Score?

A Company Surge® Score indicates the intensity to which a business is demonstrating intent on a particular topic compared to its historical baseline. Scores range from 0 to 100, where scores above 60 are demonstrating active intent.

How do you associate content with topics in your taxonomy?

Bombora actively monitors 5,300+ topics. When a new topic is added to the taxonomy, i.e. cloud security, machine learning is applied to train the models using hundreds of relevant content pieces that focus on cloud security to identify the context and patterns associated with that topic. When content is consumed across the co-op, Bombora captures the URL and the technology scans the page and scores the relevance and density (i.e. is the topic the focus of the content piece or mentioned briefly) of the content against topics in the taxonomy.

Beyond simply scanning for keywords, the models also consider the greater context of the page (i.e content about Facebook is also associated with social media). It then associates the content piece to all of the appropriate topic(s).

How often do you update your topic taxonomy?

Topics are added to the taxonomy every 4-6 months based on new industry trends and customer suggestions.

What is your pricing model?

Company Surge® is priced on monthly subscription fee based on the number of topics being monitored with a one-year minimum commitment. Basic pricing information can be found here. Please reach out to a Bombora account representative for more information.