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Bombora and Leadspace partnership offers B2B intelligence solution that lifts engagement and drives sales

December 12, 2018

The end-to-end solution combines best-in-class B2B Intent data and Customer Data Platform to allow customers to identify their best prospects and build personalized account-based strategies. Thus, aligning sales and marketing in one place and accelerating success. Joint customers have seen a 40% increase in sales conversions and average deal sizes.

Sales and marketing teams are ever-striving to align practices and build a comprehensive strategy, together. The recently announced alliance between leading B2B technologies, Bombora and Leadspace, was formed to make that process simpler.  Sales and marketing teams can now execute synchronized customer engagement through personalization, in accordance with data generated from advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Company Surge®. It's easier than ever for users to pinpoint the prospects that have the utmost propensity to engage and purchase.

Leadspace utilizes Company Surge®, which aggregates online behaviors of businesses through the largest source of online B2B Intent data, and identifies engagement trends related to 5,300+ B2B topics. Customers can combine the results from these Intent signals with Leadspace Predictive and Persona scores to reveal a real-time forecast of business’ of buying potential.

“Account-based strategies require a high level of personalization,” said David Tam, Director of Marketing at OneLogin and a joint Leadspace-Bombora customer. “You need to go after the right accounts, with the right message, at the right time, with the same message aligned across all sales, marketing, and ad channels.”

Once in-market accounts have been identified, customers can tailor targeting and engagement strategies accordingly. Depending on a teams needs, any of the following capabilities and outcomes can be activated:

  • Automate personalized sales outreach when prospects show interest in relevant topics
  • Increase response to sales and marketing outreach through accurate Intent and Predictive scoring
  • Identify previously unforeseen prospects based on increased interest in relevant topics
  • Personalize marketing and ad campaigns that incorporate topics of prospects' interest
  • Produce accurate account lists and enable Account-based marketing (ABM) 

“Using Leadspace and Bombora together we get that full picture: enriching our databases so our teams are all confident in the data; using AI modeling to prioritize and predict our best customers; and finally augmenting all that information with Intent data to know who’s in-market for what, so sales can focus on the best accounts in real-time. It’s helped us improve pipeline quality and marketing engagement - for example, increasing email open rates by 60% and doubling reply rates - and dramatically speed up sales cycles,” said Tam.

“Today’s B2B buyers expect personalized engagement of the kind they are regularly served as consumers. Leadspace customers are already seeing impressive results - like 40%+ increases in win rates and ASP - by identifying and engaging their ideal customers through Leadspace’s B2B Customer Data Platform," Leadspace CEO, Doug Bewsher explained. 

Parts of this post were first published on PRWeb.