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Bombora and HubSpot integration helps marketers ‘move fast’ and get in front of prospects during their purchase journey

September 3, 2020

Bombora’s new HubSpot integration gives marketers access to powerful Intent data-led insights, helping them quickly identify which prospects to prioritize, when to market to them, and what messages appeal to their interest.

Intent data aficionados get excited! Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent data is now available in HubSpot through its App Marketplace.

“We’re always looking for ways to move faster and get in front of prospects in their purchase journey,” said Dan Kraus, VP Global Sales and Marketing, Vision33.

“Company Surge® Intent data in HubSpot helps our teams understand who’s getting into the purchase cycle, researching topics related to us, and being able to nurture them through marketing.”

This new integration enables HubSpot’s customers to quickly and easily identify accounts researching products and services related to their business using Company Surge® Intent data. Using these insights they will be able to:

  • Easily view accounts with increasing intent for strategic Account Based Marketing and sales plays.
  • Customize workflows and content based on intent topic groups (e.g. related to products, brands, competitors, etc.) and set these to be triggered based on an account’s Company Surge® score. This will not only help to make communications more relevant to a prospect’s needs, but help with Sustainable Marketing.
  • Add Company Surge® scores to lead or account scoring models to help strengthen the power of this tool and drive increased marketing and sales alignment.

"It [Company Surge® Intent data] aids the sales team in highlighting which topics to align enablement content when reaching out to prospects and helps us better segment our database for outbound marketing," confirmed Trevor Killick, Head of Digital Marketing at Hornbill.

Available now in the App Marketplace, HubSpot customers can also push Company Surge® Intent insights across other ad targeting platforms (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that it integrates with from the marketplace.

To find out more about the HubSpot integration please contact us.

Note: Parts of this blog were first published in a press release.