Will you help make marketing sustainable?

Excessive ads and emails inundate people, worsening the pile of marketing pollution. It is time for marketing to have its own sustainability movement.

The next wave for sales and marketing

We once assumed that the ocean is so vast, that the effects of dumping trash and litter into it would have minimal impact. We now know this was untrue. And the damage will stay with us for generations. With new understanding, we now embrace concepts of ecological responsibility.

Similarly, it’s time for marketing's sustainability movement. We must make conscious decisions about our actions with an understanding of their true cost in terms of human attention and trust.

Consumers are inundated with ads, emails, and unwanted sales calls. This is pollution, pure and simple. With less than 1% of marketing-generated leads resulting in customers, we must ask if our efforts truly deliver value?

Be more sustainable
The backlash is growing

Negative consumer and regulatory backlash against sales and marketing is growing. Only the industry can clean itself up. By spending more time and energy in evaluating the value - and the real cost - of any sales and marketing tactic, we both decrease waste and improve returns.

Do more with less
Human attention is a finite resource

With average attention spans declining, wasting consumer attention and trust does more than damage a single brand; it hurts the entire ecosystem.

The volume is overwhelming

Excessive marketing leads to not only a loss of your brand equity but to a loss of consumer trust for our industry.


Excessive marketing is pollution

Marketers preach about having the 'right message, right audience, right time,' but many take a lazy approach to thinking about the message, audience and time.


What is Sustainable Marketing?

Sustainable Marketing is about conservation and making conscious decisions based on an understanding of their true costs. The goal of Sustainable Marketing is using less but performing better. Fewer ads, emails and sales calls, done more selectively and effectively.

Watch Bombora’s CEO, Erik Matlick, discuss the importance of Sustainable Marketing for the future of our ecosystem.

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Sustainable Marketing is a team sport

All marketers, big and small, consumer or business focused must come together to create a more sustainable industry. We all must play a part in extending sustainability practices to the digital landscape, an environment that’s equally in need of cleanup. Check out a few businesses embracing sustainability in their digital efforts.


Be part of marketing’s next wave

Buyers are saturated and overwhelmed with irrelevant content and sales calls. Sustainable Marketing, in practice, is an exercise in patience and searching for more than a single data signal before interacting with a potential new customer.

Being part of the Sustainable Marketing movement is not only beneficial for the consumer, but critical for the future of our ecosystem that creates massive value and supports so many.

Find out what Sustainable Marketing means to us and join the movement to learn how you can be part of this next wave.


Reduce marketing pollution with Intent data

Rather than chase a prospect with a retargeting campaign or simply because they visited your website or signed up for an email list, marketers should consider more signals before triggering an email or sales call. Adding Intent data can help.

Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent data tells you which businesses are researching your products and services right now. Helping you be more targeted, relevant, consistent and sustainable with your sales and marketing practices.

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