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Bombora adds Intent signals to Triblio’s Account Based Marketing platform data

November 3, 2018

Triblio and Bombora join Intent data and website insights to generate easy-to-use Purchase Intent Scoring and alerts for sales and marketing teams. These alerts allow teams to know which accounts to prioritize and pursue at any given time. 

Bombora has added its B2B Intent data to strengthen the AI-powered Purchase Intent Scoring within Triblio’s Account Based Marketing (ABM) platform. The now native integration incorporates Company Surge® Intent data and combines it with Triblio’s first-party website data, to power an algorithm that seamlessly generates account lists and enables ABM activities.

Curious how it works? Bombora monitors engagement on topics related to more than 5,300 products and services across online behaviors of over 2.8 million businesses in its B2B Data Co-op. Once the data is aggregated, Company Surge® highlights the topics across the web that have increased consumption, thus locating Intent signals from businesses in research mode.

Combining these Intent signals from across the B2B web with Triblio’s account-level website insights that show who has already engaged with content on your website, produces a list of businesses that are more likely to be receptive to sales and marketing outreach. Just like that, sales and marketing can join efforts in pursuing the accounts that are already moving down the purchase funnel.

IT solution provider, Veristor, leverages the combined solution via the Salesforce integration. Its sales team utilizes the platform for Intent score reporting and custom alerts.

“Joint alerts identify which accounts AEs should prioritize and what solution they are interested in. It’s one of the marketing initiatives that our sales team has adopted the fastest,” said Jessica Garrett, Vice President of marketing at Veristor. "You get much better rates—open rates, click rates, response rates, you name it—if you start with Intent data."

“B2B buyers have long purchase journeys and research cycles, so it’s important for marketers to understand which of their target accounts are on the path to purchase, and how far along they are,” said Mike Burton, Co-Founder of Bombora. “Increases in content consumption time for sales and marketing to collaborate on engaging target accounts. ”

Bombora and Triblio jump into the trenches with sales and marketing teams to drive results and response rates from high-value prospects. Learn more about how Veristor got started and sparked sales adoption almost immediately.

Parts of this post were first published on GlobeNewswire.