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Bang! The first agency to offer Intent data in Australia and New Zealand

April 15, 2019

B2B businesses in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) now have access to Intent data, making the region the latest expansion for Bombora. Bang Australia is the first agency in ANZ to be granted a license to Company Surge®, helping customers reveal prospects that are actively in market for specific products and services.

The swell forecast for Intent data is in!  B2B marketers and salespeople in ANZ are bracing themselves for unprecedented insights about their active prospects. Bang will now make Company Surge® Intent data available to its clients, helping them to understand when rising interest in specific products and services occurs. The outcome will allow businesses to see when a buying committee is being formed at an organization, providing the opportunity to approach prospects at an appropriate time in the buying cycle.

Through the B2B Data Co-op, over 5,000 topics are monitored across 3,800+ business websites. The monitoring provides a baseline of content consumption from within an individual business, on each individual topic. When that consumption begins to rise, marketers can implement targeted advertising, personalized marketing, and sales outreach to those prospects in the buying stage. Initial customers have found Company Surge® to play a crucial role in their marketing operations.

“Organisations buy based on their own needs and internal timing, regardless of the efforts of marketers and salespeople pitching to them,” said Brennan IT Head of Marketing Communications Rory McNeil. “Understanding when these buying cycles are beginning is critical to delivering relevant and timely messages, so we are excited to be one of the first to work with Bang to use Bombora’s Company Surge® data this way in the Australian market.”

To demonstrate Intent data in practice, we ran a test from 2 March to 8 March 2019. Bombora monitored the content consumption of businesses within ASX200 across 579 Intent Topics related to marketing and events, spanning Adtech, Agencies, Branding, Campaigns, Channels & Types, Content, Demand Generation, Email Marketing, Events, Mobile, Search Marketing, Social, Strategy and Website Publishing.

Company Surge® data revealed that the marketing events that were drawing the greatest increase in interest from the ASX200 that week were the ‘Marketo Marketing Nation Summit’ and ’Hubspot INBOUND.’

“Producing high-quality content that resonates with target personas is itself a challenge. Having the data and insight to distribute this content effectively poses another set of challenges. Working with Bombora Company Surge® and other products like Visitor Insights enables Bang to develop sophisticated data-driven programs with our clients," said Bang Chief Operating Officer Scott Caulfield.

Parts of this post were first published on GlobeNewswire.