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Ocean is the only inherent AI data platform that allows you to find and prioritize the right accounts, to efficiently accelerate your growth.

Request A Demo Overview is a B2B prospecting data platform that helps businesses find and reach their best-fit accounts more efficiently. Ocean’s tool was built with AI at its heart and uses machine learning and its proprietary algorithm to collect, analyze, normalize and organize various data sources to create a contextual understanding of what companies do. From this, the platform helps customers build high-performing, targeted lists of prospects, for use in Sales Prospecting and Marketing Campaigns, with features like its Lookalike Company Search and Keywords Filter. Operations can also use Ocean to maintain financial and operational effectiveness with smart features, avoid duplication between Sales and Marketing teams, and enrich CRM data in real-time, allowing for more accurate growth forecasting.

As a Bombora-powered partner, makes it simple for Bombora customers to leverage Company Surge® within their platform to find the right accounts and accelerate growth.


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How does use Intent data?

  1. Find the right company at the right time – Combine’s Lookalike filter & Bombora’s Company Surge©, which is embedded in the platform, to find accounts that match your ICP and are actively searching for your solution right now. Start prioritizing the accounts that matter most.
  2. Crystal clear CRM overview – Ocean’s Intent Data Dashboard clearly shows the different activities going on in your CRM. Use real-time buyer behavior to know who in your CRM is ready to enter a win-back campaign, who is at risk of churning, or who is in need of an upsell.
  3. Surface in-market companies in segments you haven’t explored – Deep dive into “Companies in Ocean” and find companies in our database that match your intent topics. Take a fresh look at prospecting and discover corners of the market you might have been missing.

Key benefits of using along with Bombora Company Surge® Intent data

  • First in the door – beat your competitors and engage with prospects quickly or see when your existing customers are looking at your competitors and at risk of churning.
  • Increase conversion rates, upsell, and cross-sell – Improve prospect and customer communication by using the right message to the right accounts at the perfect time. Or match when they are looking at complementary or competitive products.
  • Be more efficient in your prospecting – Align sales and marketing on who to go after, speed up marketing to the right accounts, and stop wasting the rep’s time on cold outbound.

"When my team asks me to work my magic, I log into" - Laura Salmina, Sales Developer - Tele2

- Laura Salmina, Sales Developer, Tele2

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