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Bombora | Ebsta

A Bombora-Powered Partner

Score deals, identify risk, and improve opportunity win rates with B2B Intent data.

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Ebsta Overview

Ebsta is a Revenue Intelligence Platform that helps B2B organizations drive predictable revenue growth. By benchmarking historical performance to score relationships and deals in real-time, revenue teams have the actionable insights they need to build more pipeline faster, close more deals faster and retain and expand more customers.

As a Bombora-Powered partner, Ebsta ingests Bombora’s Company Surge® data to increase engagement in active deal cycles, identify late-stage risk, benchmark historical performance, and increase win rate.


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How does Ebsta use Intent data?

  1. Prioritize the best accounts and contacts –Ebsta leverages Company Surge® Intent data to help increase engagement with the right people at the best accounts.
  2. Improve forecasting accuracy and pipeline visibility – Ebsta analyzes the influence of Company Surge® Intent data to intelligently score deals in real-time, helping to identify risk faster and improve win rates.
  3. Optimize sales performance –By benchmarking historical performance, Ebsta helps highlight the right sales activities to close more deals faster.



What are the benefits of this?

  • Close more deals faster by prioritizing high-quality engagement with the best accounts
  • Improve forecasting accuracy and pipeline visibility by scoring deals in real-time and discovering actionable insights to increase win rates
  • Improve relationships through the customer lifecycle to reduce the risk of churn and identify more up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Build better alignment between marketing, sales, and customer success teams by benchmarking historical performance

"Ebsta is a fantastic tool that provides us with actionable insights, such as Engagement Score, that have been fundamental to our growth in recent years."

Head of Revenue Operations, CrowdCube

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