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Bombora | BambooBox

A Bombora-Powered Partner

Leverage Company Surge® Intent data and engagement to focus on accounts most likely to convert and accelerate your pipeline.

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BambooBox Overview

BambooBox enables marketers to prioritize accounts based on 6 key metrics covering intent, engagement, and personas. Our platform offers marketers actionable insights to help them strategize next steps and deliver the right message at the right time through the right channel and improve conversions.

As a Bombora-powered partner, BambooBox makes it simple for Bombora customers to leverage Company Surge® within their platform to provide account intelligence and accelerate growth.


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How does BambooBox use Intent data?

  1. BambooBox contextualizes Intent topics to meet your business needs

    • With Bombora Company Surge® Intent signals and our ability to identify false positives, gain actionable insights about in-market buyers
    • Discover high-intent new accounts that match your ICP
  2. Integrate all your marketing channels to get first-party Intent data

    • Track engagement across accounts and contacts
    • Create different cohorts and launch campaigns across different marketing channels
  3. Improve your SDR’s efficiency and book more meetings

    • Get insights into which accounts are ready to talk about your solution
    • Share account intelligence with SDRs to help them book more meetings

Key benefits of using BambooBox along with Bombora Company Surge® Intent data

  • Ditch the blindfold and uncover the potential buyers based on Intent signals and engagement
  • Improve SDR efficiency and success rate by prioritizing accounts ready to discuss your solution
  • Increase your qualified pipeline by generating high-quality opportunities for your business

“BambooBox platform has been pivotal in helping us drive growth in completely new B2B market segments. With its Al-based prioritization models, we've been able to uncover strategic insights for marketing and SDR success.”

- Kaustubh Chandra CMO & SVP, Airtel Business

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