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8×8 | Case Study

Generating demand using Company Surge® integration for LinkedIn

8×8, a communication contact center, uses LinkedIn to increase brand awareness for its communications cloud product and to generate demand from target accounts.

To hone in on the right audience, 8×8 used Intent data to find prospects researching topics related to its products. 8×8 created content and targeted the high-fit accounts on LinkedIn based on intent topics with the most interest.

Using the Company Surge® integration for LinkedIn, 8×8 built an effective marketing channel via LinkedIn and increased its Sponsored Newsfeed Ads engagement by 67%.

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With a massive competitive pool and an even larger target market, 8×8 was getting buried in the marketing noise on LinkedIn, yet it was still vital to sustain brand awareness and stay top-of-mind to their target market on the meaningful and relevant channel.

With a limited budget, 8×8 needed to increase their LinkedIn campaign performance to remain competitive, cost-effective, and reach the accounts on LinkedIn with the highest propensity to make a purchase.


Company Surge® integration for LinkedIn connected with 8×8’s LinkedIn Campaign Manager automated the creation of Intent-based audiences.

8×8 ran sponsored LinkedIn ads to new audiences each week, only targeting accounts showing interest in its products and services. Ads contained messaging for the specific topics that accounts were researching across the B2B web.

To increase performance and efficiency, accounts with decreasing intent were removed from the audience each week.


8×8 introduced a revived marketing channel to its holistic strategy. By focusing only on high-fit, high-intent accounts, 8×8 served fewer ads that drove greater engagement.

Specifically, 8×8 saw a 67% increase in click-through rates for its Sponsored Newsfeed Ads compared to its average click-through rates prior to applying Intent data insights.

"We’re strong believers in using Intent data to be more targeted with our advertising and relevant with our messages. Using the Company Surge®, we’re already seeing improved results in engagement and click-through rates and we’re excited to expand our usage of Company Surge® across more programs."

Ken Suzuki Director of Digital Marketing at 8×8

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