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How to start ABM: Starting small versus an all-in-one approach, with Hillary Carpio

"We're treating humans as humans again and looking for a way to target them in a way that's very relevant."

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Hillary Carpio Director, ABM at Snowflake

Is there a wrong or right way to do ABM?

Hillary Carpio, Director of ABM at Snowflake, dishes some ABM adoption tips in this episode of The Intent Data Exchange with Mike Burton, VP of data sales and Bombora co-founder.

“[Starting small] gives you the chance to fail, right? If you’re trying to figure something out, and it doesn’t work with one person, that budget, time, and processes are with one person,” said Hillary. “As opposed to rolling out an ABM program across 100 reps and you get something wrong, it’s a much more expensive mistake in a lot of ways.”

In this podcast episode, Hillary also breaks down her formula for aligning marketing with SDRs and discusses Snowflake’s plans for scalable and consistent growth. 

“We have to keep innovating,” she said. “One of the ways we’ve chosen to do that is to bring a lot of what we’re doing in-house. So all of our predictive scoring is now done by our marketing intelligence teams. Super proud of that, because it’s Snowflake on Snowflake, we’re using our own product, and to be able to create this best-in-class solution. We’re also really leveraging our marketplace. 

Listen to the full episode now to get all the advice from Hillary!

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