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Position your enterprise for GTM success, with Lauren Davis

In this special podcast episode of The Intent Data Exchange, Marc Johnson and Lauren Davis of Bombora chat about a global management consulting firm’s journey to implement Intent data and the strategic moves that came into play to position this customer for a cookieless future.

“Bombora has so many partnerships with different technologies across the martech space,” said Lauren. “We had two sort of strategic conversations [with this customer] on how we can position them for a cookieless future and how we can position for an intent-driven go-to-market.”

“But I think because there are so many applications for intent data, so many use cases and so many creative ways to automate its workflows, I think that when an organization is getting off the ground, with their ABM strategy, and with ways to use intent, it can seem overwhelming.”

In enterprises with numerous business units and messages, it’s a common challenge to coordinate marketing activities across numerous products, industries, geographies, channels, and partners. That’s where Intent data comes in — to help align internal teams and give businesses a better understanding of their customers’ and prospects’ buying journeys.

“What Intent data solves for at its core is very simple. We help you find in-market accounts, so that you can better prioritize your time and your budgets.”

Listen to the full episode now to get an overview of this global management consulting firm’s use case with Intent data.

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Lauren Davis Senior Director of Enterprise Accounts, Bombora

"Secret sauce when it comes to figuring out the best signals? Try not to guess. But let the data tell you."

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