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How to embrace a customer experience strategy that drives growth, with Michael Marcellin

“Building the relationship and making it a long-term relationship even after that first initial sale is equally, if not more important."

Michael Marcellin, CMO of Juniper Networks

There are many tactics to grow a business, but the one thing most leaders can agree on that works is happy customers.

According to a PWC report, 73% of customers point to experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions, behind price and product quality.

Michael Marcellin, CMO of Juniper Networks, chatted with Mike Burton, SVP of data sales & co-founder of Bombora, in a recent podcast episode of The Intent Data Exchange and shared how the synergy between internal training and customer onboarding is contributing to solution success and fast business growth at Juniper Networks. 

“Our organization is focused on how to get our customers more up to speed, onboarding, and using our solutions effectively, more quickly,” said Michael. “And [the other focus] internally, we’ve gone from just training our marketers and our sellers, to now we have responsibility for training our engineers, training our customer support teams. Anything related to products and solutions or technical skills for engineers and support, our [marketing] team does that.”

Michael’s transformational leadership has reduced customer churn and delivered ROI to customers faster.

“We work very closely with our Customer Service and Support team because the better job we can do with getting people onboarded and understanding our products, the fewer calls or emails or chats they’re going to get with questions or confusion.”

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