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How Bombora helps customers get a complete view of the B2B buyer’s journey, with McKenzie Farquharson

In this special podcast episode, McKenzie Farquharson, enterprise customer success manager at Bombora, joined Marc Johnson, COO at Bombora, to share her experience implementing Intent data for a network and system management software customer.

McKenzie gets into the nitty gritty and shares:

  • How the Bombora team worked with the customer’s marketing and marketing operations team to implement the Intent data in 6sense
  • The analysis of a list of topics and closed won accounts to understand the buyer’s journey of each product

“We have the capability to look at what we call a historical buyers journey analysis, which allows you to look back up to 18 months and identify what the buyer’s journey really looked like,” explained McKenzie.

“[We helped] identify what topics were important in month 18 and then what the clients were looking at in month nine, and then three, and what topics were super important right before they close that deal. [The data] helps align messaging appropriately to the buying timeline.”

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"Company Surge® gave them the data that they didn't even know was available, they were able to take that data and then start to plug it into other platforms to really strengthen their ABM strategy and to generate a predictable pipeline.”

Mckenzie Farquharson Customer success manager, Bombora

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