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Transform the way you work

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the way we work. Built directly into the Salesforce Platform, Einstein delivers advanced AI capabilities that help sales reps and marketers be smarter and more productive. Behind every AI-powered recommendation is data. As the leading provider of B2B intent data, Bombora has partnered with Salesforce to intelligently surface this information directly into your workflow.


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Supercharge the sales process

Bombora analyzes the business content consumption of millions of B2B organizations and enriches your Salesforce account profiles about target businesses that are indicating active demand for your products.


Prioritize sales resources

Your sales team has no visibility into which businesses on their long list of target prospects are in active research mode for your products or services, and which of those will likely never make a purchase. Missing an opportunity to reach a target company during a buying cycle could lead to years of waiting for another opportunity to arise. Company Surge® arms your sales team with the knowledge of which target businesses are signaling active intent so they never miss a critical sales opportunity again.

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Engagement that's personal

Go into your next sales conversation with the knowledge of which topics are most relevant to your prospect’s company. Customize engagement and personalize your sales pitch based on what your prospect is most interested in hearing about to increase your likelihood of generating a sales opportunity and winning new business.


Increase customer renewals

Don’t get blindsided by unexpected churn. Arm your account managers and customer success teams with the knowledge of which customers are actively researching competitive solutions and signaling discontent. Company Surge® for Salesforce helps your account teams prioritize outreach towards customers that may churn to increase renewals and opportunities for cross-sell.

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Everybody wins with Bombora

Whether you're a marketing or sales pro, Bombora's Company Surge® for Salesforce arms you with the power of Intent data to customize engagement and drive greater demand into the funnel.

B2B Sales

Leverage B2B Intent data to prioritize account outreach and focus sales pitches on topics that matter to your prospects.

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B2B Marketing

Use B2B Intent data as the source across sales with marketing to align account prioritization, messages, and develop cohesive strategies that generate demand.

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Customer testimonial

On a weekly basis, we pass our sales team Intent data on which of their accounts are showing an increase in intent on different topics, the intensity of that increase, and that allows the sales team to raise those accounts to a higher level and decide if they want to go after them or have their SDRs do some prospecting.

Heather Sutherland - VP of Demand Generation - Cloudera

Heather Sutherland

Cloudera, Senior Director of Demand Generation

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