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No matter your company size, industry, or data needs, Bombora has a solution to help you drive sales and marketing success, powered by the industry standard for B2B data

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Intent data at the core

Intent data is collected about business web users’ observed behavior - specifically, web content consumption. It provides insights into a users' interests and from this indicates potential intent to take an action.

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Product suites


Find and harness demand with Analytics

Meet customer demand where it exists with Bombora’s Analytics products. B2B Marketers have traditionally cast a wide net using basic demographic and firmographic attributes to define their target audience and businesses. However, only a fraction of any target audience is actively in a buying cycle.

Bombora’s Analytics products helps you be more targeted and proactive by identifying organizations demonstrating greater intent for your products or services. This data is used to augment fit models, build target account lists, and enable sales to prioritize accounts and customize engagement.


Reach B2B buyers with Audience Solutions

Deliver targeted campaigns and more holistic media strategies with Bombora’s Audience Solutions. The B2B buying process is a group activity taking place across multiple channels and devices. B2B marketers are challenged to precisely and consistently identify, reach, and engage with these buyers across disparate channels.

With Bombora’s Audience Solutions, you build your target audience online using a comprehensive database of attributes and intent signals in order to reach your audience consistently across channels through built-in integrations, and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.