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Launch of Uberflip AI using Intent data set to hyperdrive content marketing

September 18, 2017

For marketers, content is key. Built using Intent data, Uberflip AI is able to provide content marketing recommendations that are more relevant for visitors and hyperdrive these activities.

With the integration of Company SurgeTM data within Uberflip AI, content marketers can now take advantage of intelligent automation to keep visitors engaged with relevant content on a consistent basis.

Prior to this partnership, Uberflip engine users were able to serve content based only on prior viewing history and behavior. Announced during The Content Experience 2017, the partnership between Bombora and Uberflip now enables the recommendation engine to deliver content based on current and active interest on specific content topics across the B2B web.

“With Uberflip AI, we are now realizing the dream of bringing artificial intelligence to content marketing - helping marketers predict, recommend, and automate content experiences for their audiences. Marketers now have intelligent automation that matches each unique visitor’s topics of interest with corresponding content they’ll be more likely to consume,” said Uberflip CEO, Yoav Schwartz.

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly being considered as the next major tool in the marketer's technology stack amongst businesses looking to be a step ahead of their competition. According to Shaun McDougall, Director of Digital Marketing and Communication at Leidos, beta testing and experimentation have already been 'extremely promising'.

“In a marketer’s pursuit for ROI, reaching the right audience is crucial. However, a marketer also needs to engage with their audience in a relevant and timely way; delivering the right content, at the right time, is a critical mission in this journey,” said Dale Durrett, Bombora VP of Partnerships.