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Marketing ID Podcast: Fueling content marketing with Intent data-driven insight

April 27, 2016

Mike Burton, our Co-founder and SVP of Data Sales here at Bombora, discusses his entrance into the B2B industry in 2003, and how Intent data is playing a huge role in the content life-cycle. He thinks it's the biggest breakthrough yet! Watch the marketing podcast below as Mike also shares some of his best tips and practices for marketing and sales teams on engaging with prospective buyers.

Mike explains how organizations and marketers today are leveraging data inside their content production. Ultimately, the simple piece of this is "what topics do all of your product and services cover" and making sure to incorporate them into content marketing. Moving forward he goes on to tell us that once you have a list of these topics, you can understand what topics more people are consuming more often as well as what topics are declining in consumption.

For the full interview, watch the marketing podcast below.